Need some help with .tpl files from Radiant Dawn

Got redirected here from Serenes Forest so I’ll just copy my post here:

Hello, I’m pretty new to editing/exploring the files of games and mainly wanted to get acces to the fonts used in fe10 (though I’m also pretty interested in getting some other assets).
After some messing around I found a cms decompresser that worked and managed to decompress the .cms files of the fonts into .tpl files but that’s where I’ve hit a roadblock.
All the tools people in old fe threads used for .tpl files either do nothing, give an error message or the links to those programs are expired. I’ve tried to use some tools the mario kart wii community uses like CTools tpl editor, wiimms tools and Brawlbox but none of them seem to work with my files either.

Anyone here that can help me with this?