Need help with song MIDI issue - Long notes randomly cutting off

Recently I’ve run into an issue with a MIDI song i’m trying to implement into my project.

At the 1-minute mark, some of the instruments start cutting out randomly, which only seems to happen during the game. They sound fine in the sound test and outside of it but for whatever reason they mess up in action.

I am using FEBuilder, assembling the MIDI via Fl Studio before exporting them to Anvil studio for repairs and loops, then exporting them into FEBuilder. I have implemented the recommended audio patches.

I’ve looked around the forum and discord server for similar issues and found no solutions. I’m guessing that the issue may be related to the instruments clashing with each other, something to do with just having those long notes or they are clashing with the sound effects ingame? I’m not sure and my project is stuck in limbo now because of it. I tried reducing the amount of instruments used, but that did not fix anything. Is it the type of instruments used that’s causing the issue?

sample and midi file attached.
song26.mid (16.3 KB)
song26 (reduced instruments).mid (15.8 KB)

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