Need help with FE GBA Hacking[FE8](FE7 seems to be solved)

Hello, gentlemen of the Fire Emblem community. I personally have no skills in ASM hacking and I cant even get the search for pointers right at the Moment(I attempt to learn it tho because it feels emberassing to mess it up every time). But I want to start hacking anyways and I began with making patches for Fire Emblem 7 and 8 that are supposed to fix problems with these games. My problem is that I just can’t figure out how to fix the rankingsystem in FE7 so that it calculates Hectormoderankings with the actual Hectormode values. [Seems solved thanks to StanH]

Similarly, I can’t seem to find the reason why the silencerimage gets displayed purple in FE8U since it seems to have the same internal values as in FE8J. I could not find any documentation for these problems in any of the threat categorys and I cannot find any info online, save for them existing in the first place. If anyone knows the answer to either of my two problems or if there was infact a threat about the rankingsfeature and I simply missed it, then pointers in the Right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any potential help :slight_smile:

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Rankings exist up to FE8J.
However, it has been deleted in FE8U.

If it is FE7 ranking, please look at the value on the right side of Chapter Editor of FEBuilderGBA.

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Actually, the problem was that the game only reads the eliwoodrankings, even for hectormode(In both difficulties). When it comes to rankings in FE8, it would be a dream to port the feature back into FE8U since the values still exist in the chaptermenu, but I don’t expect that to ever happen.

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the problem was that the game only reads the eliwoodrankings, even for hectormode(In both difficulties).

The name of this item is based on the nightmare module material.
The name on the document may be wrong.

If so, what is the data named as hextor mode used for?

Appearently, the Hectorranking data is just used for nothing at all. It really just seems like IS pointed towards the wrong values somehow, because the issue is consistant in all versions of the game(to the point where some sites do not even list the hectormode values). And well, I just have no idea how to correct this mistake.

I want you to confirm it just in case.
Do you test with FE7U?

I would like to do a follow-up test using a no$gba debugger, later.

Yes, i do indeed use Fe7U.(tbh, I don’t even really consider using FE7J for Projects because inserting all the english stuff into that Rom would be too much work for no reward)



Thanks, it seems to be working now :smiley: