Need Help with creating a chapter

Okay so short backstory i have been making a FE Hack for like 4 days or something and i’m at chapter 3.
In the starting event i make a myrmidon that replaces moulder load then be part of a conversation then the chapter begins.However when three of my other units press end turn something is wrong.Even though the myrmidon did NOT act the player phase ended.So i check the Units menu and BAM!No myrmidon to be seen.I have been trying to fix this for the last 5 or something hours and can’t fix it and i want to fix this soon because i really want to finish at least until the 9th chapter before summer vacation is over…
Thanks in advance for the help =)

I do not know which tool you use to develop it,
In order to solve the problem, we have to reproduce the problem.

If you are using FEBuilderGBA, please create report.7z from Menu-> File-> Create Report Issue and send it to me.

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maybe posting events will help

Yes i am using FEBuilder GBA so i guess ill do that, thanks =)

Here are the chapter starting events
Change song to Tension
Change to backround 0x33
Conversation event
FADI Speed 16
Erase the backround
Load Units and move units [Eirika Seth and some mage that joined 2 chapters prior]
Load Units and move,if player unit join your party unit [The myrmidon i mentioned]
Camera moves to main charachter
FADU Speed 16
Load Units and move if player join your party [Ally Cleric]
CUMO Ally Cleric
Conversation event
Ally Cleric changed to enemy
Cleric moves to somewhere
Load units and move if player join party units[13 generic enemies]
event end
Thanks i advance =)

In the file section all there is is open save save as save if error free save changes as ups patch
something in a foreign language i cant read and end?
Is it the foreign language one?
Im sorry for causing so much work…

English is a foreign language for me.
If you find a mistranslation, please let me know.

The translation resource file is below.