My Original Projects Vault

Here’s a collection of original projects of mine, revolving around my game Fire Emblem: Rezurrection.

Here’s a portrait of Sara from Thracia 776.

An Adult!Florina portrait.

Here’s a portrait for an OC child of mine for Delthea from Gaiden/Echoes named Delilah, done with the help from a friend of mine.

Dianna Port
Here’s a portrait for an evil Pirate!Anna named Dianna.

Tana II Port TRUE
Here’s the portrait for a Pirate!Tana reincarnation named Yilera.

Zero 2
Here’s a somewhat incomplete portrait of Zero from the Mega Man series for my game.

Xolette Fixed
Here’s a portrait of my Kingdom Hearts Nobody OC Xolette.

Here’s a portrait of the Ephraim bootleg character Sanzi from Glory Emblem.

An incomplete portrait for an Assassin!Lianna from Warriors.

Miku Port True
A joke Bootleg Miku portrait I made.


Uh, you could’ve put these all in one post.



A battle animation I made for Chara from Undertale.


A battle animation I made of Zero from the Mega Man series with the Triple Rod weapon.


A battle animation I made of Zero from the Mega Man series with the Buster Shot weapon.


A bard battle animation I made for the character Weena from the book/film The Time Machine.

You can put all of these in one post instead of making multiple replies, you know.


This is actually my first time really posting something here, so I’m not really familiar with how posts go, sorry.

You can edit your first post and then upload images there directly instead of needing to reply multiple times.

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Ah, I see. Well, they’re already posted below, so I probably won’t do that. I’ll just leave them like they are, but keep that in mind for future projects.

No edit the post please.
I did all of your portraits, it took me like 30 seconds.

omg (oh my god) hatsun meeg???

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