My Introduction and My Romhack

Yo, my name is Gridiron Yuki but you can call me Grid or Yuki. I’m pretty much new here in this FE romhack or fangame community but I do hope to make friends and talk to people.

I’m making a Romhack that is called “Fire Emblem: The Western Heroes” It’s about 4 female warriors who are destined to slay a fell dragon or a evil sorcerer. It said so in a prophecy… however they can’t go on a journey on their own, they would need help in order to slay a fell dragon or a evil sorcerer.

4 female warriors are named Cassandra, Gabriella, Lola and Samantha. They all have different personalities and they have unique classes.

Cassandra is a Golden Knight

Gabriella is a Ram Knight

Lola is a Cardinal Knight

And Samantha is a Osprey Knight.

And that’s about it! I hope you guys are looking forward to the romhack because really I’m looking forward to it as well. See ya!


Good to see you on FEUniverse Yuki! Hope you get a lot of feedback and fun times here!

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I hope so too. I’m hella excited!


Have fun and enjoy your stay

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