My hack concepts

I was inspired by another post on listing their character/world ideas that are in their hack. That being said, I am only in the very beginning of development, and haven’t written the actual story yet, but I do have characters in mind, and the two main nations in mind.

The main nations are Hellenia (based on Greece or The Hellenic Republic) and Achaemenidia (based on the Achaemenid Empire)

Hellenia is divided into many city states, the main ones being the democratic Athens, oligarchic Corinth, oligarchic Thebes, and diarchic Lacedaemon (a.k.a Sparta)

Characters that I have are:
Zakarias: Protagonist, high general of Lacedaemon, rides a giant horse, powerful.
Cobra: Dark General of Lacedaemon, best friend of Zak, somewhat vulgar
Lembesis: Knight that fights during the night, had a genetic mutation that caused his skin to turn jet black, wears dark armor and rides a black horse for his missions
Gazef: Calvary instructor and retainer of Zak, incredibly loyal
Cavendish: Pretty boy that dwells in popularity and somewhat selfish, wears light armor and rides a white horse
Dona: Pegasus general of Sparta, innocent and sweet, but brash
Jen: Wyvern general of Sparta, brash and fiery in personality, wyvern’s name is Volvalgia, who is also flame red
Scott: Jen’s brother, likes to fight and is intelligent, but cruel to enemies, wyvern’s name is Ridley, who is purple in color

That’s all that I have right now, but I am implementing more as I come and go, some of those names are references btw


wow a purple wyvern named ridley can we get him in brawl


It’s also reference to Ridley Scott, director of Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, and The Martian

Lacedaemon is one hell of a name. Its real long and idk how to pronounce it right. (Lace demon?) (Lack a day mon?)

Archaemenidia has the same feeling as above comment.

Zakarias is so dead. Main character, starts with a horse, is a general and powerful? He’s soooooo dead lol.

Lacedaemon is pronounced (La-ke-dai-mon) or so I believe, Achaemenidia would be (A-kay-me-ni-dee-ah), and Lacedaemon can be simply referred to as Sparta which is the capital of the city state. I wanted longer names to fit the areas that corresponded with Greece and the First Persian Empire (not having to be 100% accurate of course)

I recognize that Zak may sound bland which is why I want to make sure that he can be strong, but not bland in personality, which can be a challenge, of course, it’s all in the development phase, and things can change over time.

I meant more storywise, like Zakarias raises so many death flags. Like if your hack was complete right now, I fully expect Zak to die like halfway through.

Oh really? I never once thought for him to actually die lol. May setup for interesting plot idea though.

Sounds like it has potential. If anything they’re good references.

good luck

Much appreciated

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Will need it

i have 2 things for you 1. maybe you thinks its stupid but it think it would be fun to do a little crossover from fe7 fe6 or one of the other fire emblem games 2. for so far i see and know theres only mounted suldiers maybe would be fun to do a feet soldier hope it was helpful and not taken negative (sorry if my language is a bit uncorrect im from another country)

1: I am unsure how I would do that but it could be neat

2: Cobra is the only infantry unit here, and I didn’t realize that until now lol, will add more units later

You could go full horse emblem (cough fe4 cough). Remember it’s your hack you don’t have to add in characters because other games did it. (Christmas cavalier, Christmas cavalier, Christmas cavali-)

Makes sense now that I think about it, after all, FE games generally had “empty” spots for classes in the player army, like FE7 and FE8 having no recruitable Brigand, and while some classes units promote into, there is no units that start off in certain classes, like no pirate based unit in FE8 without Ross, and there’s more examples to go with

I do feel kinda bad on being much more lax this past week because I have been the ever loving hell out of Three Houses as it was surprisingly fun and enjoyable, but I hope that once I finished Golden Deer, I will get back into working on some things

Once I finish the adjustments for Apocalypse spell animation, I will try to make a Seraph Knight animation (Sw, La, and bow weapons), and also try to make something random for fun, like, say, Diavolo with King Crimson to build up confidence, along with attempting to make my lord animations.