My game is acting werid with txt imput

im not to sure whats causing this or happing here

what type of inputs are you editing into the ROM? what did you do to your ROM before this happened? a little more information would help diagnosis your problem. from what you posted, it could be range from you overwriting the texts to you using the wrong text ID in your eventing files, etc etc.

This is very likely to be missing line wrapping. The text engine doesn’t recognize newlines; you need to use the appropriate text codes.

well i edited the file in FEditer and changed the txt file after i added the talk event then when i loaded the talk event this happens and if it helps i loaded another txt file and it did the same and it was a txt file i didn’t edit and as for the txt codes ill post them here
Okay i have to check this last village then i can go back home[.]
As long astehre isn’t anyamanian solders i should be fine[.][A][X]

that’s substantially too long

Turn that into four or five lines. So it should look like.

Okay, I have to check this last village. Then I can go back home. As long as astehre isnt anyamanian soldiers I should be fine