My first scripted content featuring meg


I’ve only just started watching the video and I can already tell this is going to be good

EDIT: Pretty solid video. I too feel it would be nice to see characters with unusual body types/appearances just a little more often in FE. I’d say a little more about that, but I don’t wanna hijack this thread to shill my own game any further.

Also, disliking Myrmidon chicks makes you extra cool in my book. In my opinion, Meg would be in the absolute top tier of waifus alongside Sheena, Edelgard, and Mercedes were it not for the fact that she wields Swords as her main weapon type herself.

“We’re not here to talk about her stat-wise, she’s pretty awful in that regard”

...Says you

(I can’t find my other meg screenshots, unfortunately)

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Looking forward to your follow up video on Wolt

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U maxed her speed and resistance!? Damn. Lucks pretty high too. Did u feed her all the Stat buff items?

Meg’s Spd and Res growth rates are reliable enough that she shouldn’t have much trouble capping them with regular use. One of her biggest issues is that her class line’s stat caps are poorly suited for her stat spread. Hence why you see all the jokes about how Meg would be better as a Pegasus Knight.

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