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Hi there my fellows comrdes! The motherland brings some content I made in a private FE8 Hack, unfortunately I cancelled the hack and now it will be dead for a while. But I’m sending everything I did in there to here, so YOU who is reading right now could use it! ADAKADABRA (also supressive fire in russian).

Here all the content I made it, ( just remember some of the maps need a custom title set, super fields, improved castle and FE5 Castle title set).
And there are more few maps I couldn’t do them, so feel free to have a look.

History Mode Maps

I - II


Tower of Valni

1° Floor - Also Know As Eden’s Garden

2° Floor - Also Know As Heaven’s Gateway

3° Floor - Also Know As Babel Tower Floor XXX

4° Floor - Also Know As Babel Tower Floor XXXX

5° Floor - Also Know As Axis Mundis

  • Bonewalker with bow are there because of ballistae.

6° Floor - (Only Prototype) This should be Annwn (it’s heaven but in an old civilization, I think)

7° Floor - A.K.A Valhalla’s Entrance

8° Floor - Valhalla (Only prototype, also need custom chipset)

Ladgou Ruins

1° Floor - A.K.A Minotaur’s labyrinth

2° Floor - A.K.A Lust (Second Circle) - Need custom chipset, though you can use the vanilla one.

Character's Portrait


Characters' Pallete

Illie - Shaman

illie illieI

Zulu - General

Zulu pallete

Naomi - Cavalier

Naomi naomiI

Sakura - Cavalier

sakura sakuraI sakuraII

Hinata - Sage


Karina - Wyvern Lord


John - Archer

Joao archer pallete Joao nmd trooper Joao sniper

Alice - Sniper


Deryk - Mercenary

deryk derykI DerykII

Erika - Blade Lord


Jade - Mage Lord ( just a mage )


Before you download it!
TOW means tower of valni.
The ruins means ruins.
And ‘‘M’’ means miscellaneous.
Maps without any of these word, like FE8-MapI are the maps of history mode. All maps are together with preview so don’t worry.
Also you will find some prototype maps, if you want to continue them.



I fear no man, but that thing… it scares me.

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Lmao. The best map I think I have ever done.