My current project

This is the first ROM Hack I’ve been working on. Figured I’d share my idea and see what you guys think. (Any location names are not final)

The story takes place on the continent of Malheur, home to the two nations of Denton to the west and Relias to the East. To the South of the mainland is the Triform Islands, a republic comprised of three Islands, Mosby, Union, and Cassius Island. 10 years prior, Dentonese King Horus declared war on Relias in a conquest for power, the the war ended when Horus was usurped from power. After a decade of peace, Denton once again attempts another conquest for power. Caught in the middle is Jones, a wanted criminal in Relias and a member of gang led by Eran, a feared bandit across the continent. Although he’s done much for the gang, his own ideals start to come into conflict with the gang’s interest over the course of the war.

Eran’s Gang (most of it)

  • Jones - A criminal since he was young and the main protagonist. Wanted for attempting to rob the Relian palace three times. Despite his reputation, he’s has a code of morals he follows. His view of his lifestyle changed as he grew older.

  • Eran - A feared bandit across the continent, he is a charismatic and tough leader. Eran decides to take advantage of the war to enrich the gang off the spoils of war.

  • Victoria - A Pegasus Knight and former Lieutenant in the Dentonese army. She fled to Relias after being branded a traitor. She is slowed down by an illness that affects her lungs.

  • Grunt - A former Relian Soldier who wanted to be more than just generic (joke character I guess).

  • Wess- A career criminal and a long time ally of Eran. He isn’t liked by the most of the gang, he frequently comes into conflict with Jones.

  • Dan - A newer member of the gang, he was a street urchin and pick pocket before the gang took him in, proficient in magic.

  • Lora - A close friend of Dan, like her friend she was a pick pocket and is a skilled mage. Taken in by the gang along with Dan.

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Currently, I’m 5 chapters in, but I’m trying to readjust the first few chapters enemy placements and maps before I go any further. Some portraits I acquired from Mugging Blitz are used, I know I’m keeping Eran’s current mug (made by P33RL355), but I may change some. Others are what I consider low effort recolors.

I look forward to completing this (or getting as far as possible) if you have any questions ask away, and tell me what you think.


The basic plot sounds interesting, but I think you need more to show off right now. I can’t tell who is who from the screen shots and you aren’t showing enough of the gameplay. The one map screen shot you have, mugs aside, doesn’t look bad.