My analysis of the latest engage trailer

Okay so since a trailer for engage dropped yesterday I thought I’d give my thoughts on it and share them here:

This girl looks like a clown girl tbh. So I’d say she has the clussy

Oh and evil Marth


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I tried so hard to find an old image of Coldsteel the Hedgeheg Marth (which I know exists) but it seems to have vanished from the internet. It said stuff such as “Likes: sluts from Talys, Tiaras (the cool kind not the girly kind)”

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Evil Marth be like: “Everyone, don’t watch me!”


Evil Eirika be like “no Lyon, I will not give you the sacred stone.”


I love this game already it’s so goofy and fun
Fire Emblem really doesn’t work well with muddled and dark colors and animations so this artstyle is amazing imo
Kinda weird how people who already said they wouldn’t like the game or its story are complaining about the story trailer online though guess it’s just something else to complain about lol

Yeah fair. I’m excited for the game too, it’s exhausting always seeing “dark” and “serious” and “complex”. Sometimes I just want a simple story where the good guys defeat the bad guys.

Evil Ephriam:

“I pick fights I plan to lose!”

“No Erika, our romance is forbidden.”

“Golly Lyon, you’re so much stronger than me it’s not even funny!”

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