Music stops after another song is played during a chapter

Ok so I changed the song “valiant” to a song I wanted in the game (a midi file I turned into a .s file and all that biz) and I am having it play using the Dynamic ChapterBGM flag for all teams.
Now the music works fine it isn’t too loud or anything, I already fixed that issue, and the animations don’t stop the music either.
However, whenever I have different battle music and the small battle ends, the game returns to the map but the music doesn’t return. It’s just dead silent the rest of the playthrough. The song works perfect in-game but why does it not return when a different song plays?

Attach a report7z so we can actually investigate and help, please

ok I made a report file thing but since it is a .zip file i cannot post it here. how do i go about sharing it?

Drive / dropbox and share the link on this thread below or via discord #febuilder_help