Music Repo 2: Banjo Boogaloo

You ever say to yourself “Man, I don’t have enough banjos in my life, how can I fix this?”. If so, have I ever got the perfect solution for you.

The hit sequel nobody asked for, it’s Music Repo 2: Banjo Boogaloo. This repo boasts a large size of 10 (ten. T - E - N) banjo filled mp3 versions of your favourite Fire Emblem songs, including:

  • Army of Bandane
  • Banjos Across the Plains
  • Companjo
  • Comranjo
  • Distant Banjo
  • Powerful Banjo
  • To a Higher Banjo
  • Together, We Banjo
  • Truth, Despair, and Banjo
  • With Banjos

You didn’t include .s files. I feel so robbed. What use is this now?

Like most mp3s, you listen to it.


mp32ea when

I know this is a joke, but I legitimately want to use these in my hack. In particular, I like Powerful Banjo. It has a really neat western-y style that I don’t hear that often.

Ummm I can’t download them :confused:
Is there a download link in the box or am I missing something?

All you’d have to do is change the instruments to banjo.

@Seal the … at the top right reveals a download option.

Screw it. You have to download them all together lol. My bad.

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All or nothin’ baby, that’s the way of the banjo.


These tunes have me crying.

The .mp3s are smooth and great.
Hating them will give you a terrible fate!

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Well this seems to be a joke, but it’s difficult to tell because these are actually straight fire.


Had to listen to grit’s theme from AW2 after hearing these.


I’m working on putting together In The Name of Bernjo, as an eleventh song for this. Now I just need to find the banjo in FE8, and I’ll be golden.

The vanilla GBA FEs don’t have a banjo sample; you will need to import one yourself or just use one of the slap basses.

Instruments were changed with a DAW then mixed down to mp3 (as this was an April Fools day joke). In FEB with the NIMAP patches it displays instrument 105 as being a banjo; however after actually looking into it, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“Banjo” is just what instrument 105 is referred to by the General MIDI standard, which is used as a guideline by game developers a lot (e.g. pianos are at the beginning, strings are in the 40/50s, etc), but by no means do they always hold to it (Int Sys in particular barely even had their own standards when it came to this, since almost every song in the vanilla games each has its own redundant pointer table, whose instrument assignments vary). The instrument mapped to 105 by the native instrument map is synthstrings meant for higher notes (which isn’t in either of the “synthstrings” slots, 50 and 51, because those are already taken by samples meant for very low and low notes respectively). Essentially, the instrument list is like a shelf full of CDs where half the cases are empty or have a different CD in them but there’s still kind of a rhyme and reason to it and everyone has their own way of organising theirs.

(I’m pretty sure there’s a banjo in the Advance Wars games if you want to use Sappy to export/import it tho)