Music Repo 2: Banjo Boogaloo


You ever say to yourself “Man, I don’t have enough banjos in my life, how can I fix this?”. If so, have I ever got the perfect solution for you.

The hit sequel nobody asked for, it’s Music Repo 2: Banjo Boogaloo. This repo boasts a large size of 10 (ten. T - E - N) banjo filled mp3 versions of your favourite Fire Emblem songs, including:

  • Army of Bandane
  • Banjos Across the Plains
  • Companjo
  • Comranjo
  • Distant Banjo
  • Powerful Banjo
  • To a Higher Banjo
  • Together, We Banjo
  • Truth, Despair, and Banjo
  • With Banjos

You didn’t include .s files. I feel so robbed. What use is this now?


Like most mp3s, you listen to it.



mp32ea when


I know this is a joke, but I legitimately want to use these in my hack. In particular, I like Powerful Banjo. It has a really neat western-y style that I don’t hear that often.


Ummm I can’t download them :confused:
Is there a download link in the box or am I missing something?


All you’d have to do is change the instruments to banjo.

@Seal the … at the top right reveals a download option.


Screw it. You have to download them all together lol. My bad.

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All or nothin’ baby, that’s the way of the banjo.


These tunes have me crying.

The .mp3s are smooth and great.
Hating them will give you a terrible fate!

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Well this seems to be a joke, but it’s difficult to tell because these are actually straight fire.


Had to listen to grit’s theme from AW2 after hearing these.