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I wanted to enter some of my musical works into FE8. I have the midi file and all that and am able to import it. In Sappy the song plays wonderfully, but in the actually game one of two things always happens. Either nothing plays or only the right-hand piano. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Did you patch in the all instruments and native instruments as well as drum fix patches?

Some MIDIS will not work, I had also issues with that, I get no music played or just 1 or 2 instruments.
I must ask where you get the MIDIs or if you created them.

The reason is that the music player cannot reproduce a MIDI if is not multiple of 4, giving a result of no music or just barely one or 2 instruments. Even I do not know why this happens.
But that may be the reason. At least it did not crashed the game in battle for you or even if the chapter just started :rofl:

Also, be sure to check the Music Tutorial Intermediate guide for how to introduce MIDIs.

If that keeps happening and you’ll only hear the right hand piano… The problem just like Zeke said is that you haven’t install the Native Instruments 2, because the game will use the most close instruments if the MIDI does not use the FE8 instruments (drums will be replaced by piano for examle).

Note: You should really check the Music Tutorial Intermediate guide for this kind of questions, before you ask check all the tutorials for music that are not old to 2018.
Edit: Sorry not you, Helix said that.

I already have the native insturments patch, but FEBuilder won’t even let me install the all instruments patch. Only on some of the songs does the message appear saying that it is not a multiple of four.

Then I see the problem, is the kind of music you are putting in game.

You see… i think FEBuilder has problems with this kind of music like:
Zelda, Megaman games (some games of megaman); because heavy MIDI’s (when I say “Heavy” it means it has nearly 16 instruments playing in the music sheet), and some tracks have in the same sheet multiple instruments that are not in FE8 instruments.

There’s nothing you can do but to change the music game that you want to other.
I did this and it worked. I know, sometimes we want to put this music in game but we can’t.
Unless you take out some tracks. and still make it sound like the original, in short: Take out some tracks but keep the melody the same (less quality for to put).
Edit: Me forgot to tell you to editing in FEBuilder GBA (much time and confusing) or use Anvil Studio for more accurate editing.
Check the Music Tutorial 2 Intermediate guide for the syntethizer of FE8 instruments, IT HAS the Native Instruments for the synther (for short).

I don’t think the amount of tracks is the issue. I wrote the piece using Musescore and exported the song from program into a midi aswell. The song is a piano solo so it isnt over 16 tracks.

I’m not an expert on the technical side of inserting music, but I know for sure that Piano MIDIs themselves do not work unless you split every part into its own line (including chords)

This means you’d need MULTIPLE piano parts all on individual staves rather than one grand staff

Mmmmm… I think did not explain properly…
Is not the amount of tracks but instruments.
Say… do you have good ears when you use the headsets?
Listen carefully how many instruments are played. Is the amount of Instruments in the same track.
Not how many. If you use anvil studio and pause when editing a track, some times the actual instrument changes.

Since 16 tracks are allowed it can’t use more than 16 instrument per track. So far so good in this line.
So in some MIDIs, a track has more than 2 or 3 instruments.

Edit: If you are only using the piano part take out other instruments (Only if it has your MIDI), if not, the problem is not the MIDI but the insertion method you are using.
Try using the Sappy Mid2agb. then insert the phoenix version of the midi.

What you said about making every chord a separate (Its annoying to do, but works sooo) part and having each clef separate worked, thanks.

I can’t figure out how the make the song forever loop though

For loops you need a Anvil Studio, DID you went to the Music Tutos of Sme?
the first one tell us for music and songs to forcely have Anvil Studio or a similar tool. And explains how to Loop parts.

I couldn’t find where it said how to loop the part, but I did download anvil studio.

damn, i should said that.
You see in the upper mid part of anvil studio lots of commands like time where the current part of the song is and how many mins are left?
rigth side is a command named Cue. You mark the part where it finishes 1st and where you want to loop the song (new beginning).

But even if you save the MIDI as that, it will not contain the loop. Open File and select Export MIDI Format-0 or something like that for save the loop.

Edit: Forgot to tell you in the 1st part… You new to create 2 Cues, one as I said for the end and other for the new beginning for loop.

I labeled the beginning and end as cues, but that still doesn’t make the song loop.

Not even as reproduction on sappy?

I didn’t listen to it in sappy, but I listened to it in the Soundroom in the game. After the song played one time through it stopped.

Go to Track 1 of your MIDI file in Anvil Studio, you might have to make it channel 1 as well if it isn’t already. Assuming there’s no cues of any kind already present, insert a new cue while in Track 1, first for where you want the loop to begin from, then for where you want the loop to end and go back to the first cue’s location (usually this would just be the end of the MIDI). The cue for where the loop begins should be nothing more than “[” and the end should be “]”, no quotation marks. Save as MIDI Format-0, run it through Mid2Agb, and you should be set. Lemme know if this helps you get it working.

That worked thanks for the help!

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You know it would help too if you are a little more specific as well as I need to be.
Tell us exactly what did you did if it does not work.