Music Comp Blitz #2

Open from 05/28 Until XX/XX

The Goal:

To take it easy, and make tunes that’re free to use by anyone in the community.

Hey all, Chair here,

Here are the guidelines:

  • Your composition must be original
  • Please title your track and state the situation it’s intended for (e.g. Attack/Defense Theme, Enemy Phase Map Theme, Character Death Theme, etc.)
  • Do not concern yourself with any insertion limitations (including instrumentation), that’s up to the end-user
  • .midi file submissions are mandatory, you can include an mp3/wav/ogg version for sampling purposes

There aren’t many of us musically inclined/interested folk around these parts, but we can rise up and show 'em what’s what!

Obligatory: no tlp style minimugs

Also, pinging @Agro so he doesn’t miss this like the last music contest (or the one before that one)! Looking forward to hearing your beats you crusty old bag!

I’ll start the blitz off with an attack theme I cobbled together:

Download Midi and .s


Hm I haven’t written any music since my son was born as all of my free time is when he’s sleeping in the carrier on me and I don’t want to wake him, but I guess I could try some headphones.

Need to write something for this


Hmm, might get in on this, havent done much composing since I started college, would be nice to contribute something to the community

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Battle Preps!

Download .midi and .s

(Also I added the midi/s download for the first song in the OP.)


Always love your music, dude!

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Agüero - Player Phase Theme

Could be enemy phase too. Yes I suck at song names.

Download .mid & .s


Instruments & loop points are set, volumes are roughly set.


Well, I meant to make a cutscene “bad things are approaching, battle is imminent” theme a la Tension or An Unexpected Caller, but this is what I ended up making.

Cutscene/Enemy Phase Theme - Rage in the Air



Hey all!

This may be the curtain call for the blitz, given that we haven’t had many submissions.

Armory Theme:

# Download .s here

Shop Theme:

# Download .s here


Can the next mod that sees this close the thread? Clearly the blitz fizzled.


we need to offer some free music lessons or something

Maybe open up submissions to high quality ports of music? Then highlight the original compositions somehow? Idk, composing is hard.

I’m sorry I haven’t had the chance to participate

Platini - Short Conversation Theme

Download .mid & .s


Lyndis’s Legion - Original Map Theme by Agro


Wrote this one last year but never had the chance to properly mix it for GBA, which I’ve now done. It’s mostly original but the melody is obviously inspired by Wind Across the Plains. I imagined it as the music to replace the final chapter of Lyn mode. It is fairly customised so I wouldn’t recommend messing with it too much unless you know what you’re doing.

PS This is indeed F2U but I would really love it if you could chuck me a like/comment/sub on my YT channel to say thank you


A reimagining of an older song, first given to MournfulRelic for Iron Emblem and now posted here.

Enemy Phase Battle Theme - Shieldbreaker

Let’s hope it works better than it did on my first try with it.


This is gold. Absolutely awesome.


Wholesome promo theme!

Download midi and .s here


am i still supposed to close it

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Nah, we still alive somehow.