Multi-Part Chapter Questions

I’ve been fiddling with a project where the gimmick is that it’s one singular chapter with multiple objectives that appear as the player progresses. The player starts with two units in a closed-off area of the map (in which the way to the rest of the map opens up later) and the goal of defeating a boss. After the fight, one of their units leaves permanently , and the other unit is automatically teleported to a different part of the map to where they meet up with another group.

The problem is, I can’t find a way to do that transition into the second ‘segment’ without one of your two units messing up due to still being considered the ‘active unit’. I’ve tried triggering the event via an AFEV that triggers on the boss’ death quote, through a Seize event and an AREA event where the player simply waits on a specific tile, but each method leads to the unit that triggered the event getting put back on the spot they were on after the cutscene ends.

I know the Final Chapter of FE7 is split into two parts, and it even seems to go back to the start of the Player Phase when the map transition happens, that’s kind of the effect I want to capture, just with the added effect of one of your party members leaving. Does anyone know how to do something like that? (And sorry if that all seemed a bit wordy)

Since you bring up the original FE7 Final, have you disassembled that map and copied the way vanilla does it?

You could do a check every turn to see if unit X is dead or something

I was just looking over the events for Light Pt. 1 again and found something I somehow managed to miss last time I was messing with them.

MNCH ChapterValue

That series of commands will go to the specificed chapter without bringing the player to the Save screen. Currently I can only get it to work with Chapter 0x2F (Final Chapter Pt. 2), despite putzing around with other chapters in Nightmare. I think for my project I’d only need to use the effect once but it’d be neat if we could find a way to make the command work with any chapter.

You could utilize what I’ve taken to calling a “Master Turn Event.” This is something I’ve utilized in Elibean Nights quite often: it’s enabled Merlinus’s map about rebuilding villages, the "second part"s to Lyn and Jerrot’s tales (the first part of Jerrot’s only has the left half of the map to restrict movement initially, for example), the transitions between maps for Karel’s boss gauntlet, etc.

TURN 0x00 MasterTurn [01,255] 0x0 0x00
TURN 0x00 MasterTurn [01,255] 0x8 0x00 //If you want it to happen after both phases

Which would look something like this:

IFET 0x01 0x02 //The first part boss's death quote ID
LOMA //To a copy of that map with the new objective
//Stuff happens
ENIF 0x01

It’s a relatively simple construction, but it’s helped me pull off quite a few things that, otherwise, the engine isn’t really designed to handle properly.

You could also try putting your AFEV under the Turn Events array (which means it’ll only get checked when phases change), and see if that accomplishes everything you need. I typically use these “Master Turn Events” for things more complex than a goal change trigger, or if I want to lock something like that to trigger with a specific phase.

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