[Multi-Language]SRPG Studio


A really popular tool to make SRPG in FE style recently.

Unit Editor:

Unit Menu:

Map Editor:

Map View:

Event Editor:

Event View:

Animation Editor:

Animation View:

World View Editor:

World View:

Detailed Help Manual

The tool has been released on Steam since August 7th, 2018. It supports 7 languages, including English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, France, Germany and Spanish. Check it here.

English wiki 1
English wiki 2
Japanese wiki



This looks incredible; I’ll check it out when I have a spare moment.

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Plz make translated version available

I would totally try using this.

If I remember correctly, it’s actually made by the man who helped create Fire Emblem 1 through 5.


So is anyone gonna use it for ragefest 4

I tried the trial version yesterday and found more details such as skills, opening events, ending events, overworld map events, talking events and AI rules. All are in FE style. There even exists the Wrath skill in Thracia 776 style. The leader is the merchant like FE8. blabla~ For an example, visit a village and be informed to take sth special back and obtain another special item when visit it again with the special stuff. That makes me to recall sth in Thracia 776. What’s more, the aunthor is still updating this software in the form of the patch.
Making and debug testing, all in one solution. No complex knowledge on programming or hacking needed. Maybe I will purchase one 2 months later if I like it.O_o

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Shouzou Kaga? If so, what a way for him to resurface like that. Been missing in action ever since TearRingSaga, as far as I can gather.

We’ll need a translation patch, I guess?

UPDATE: I PM’d VincentASM about this, since I figured he’d be the one to know. Kaga keeps a blog, and has some recent posts (8 entries in 2015) about game design, AI aggression, and screenshots/character art for something called “Vestaria Chronicles.”

This looks pretty neat. Yeah, I guess I could allow this for Ragefest. I don’t see why not. Someone remind me to update the Ragefest rules…

If this ever gets translated and I like it, I’m buying myself a copy.


I kinda wanna fuck with it, just to see what’s possible. That language barrier though.

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A fan trial work by this tool

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This software is made by a group called “Sapphire Soft (サファイアソフト)” which has nothing else released. Contact with them if you have any suggestions or requests on their product such as a multiple language support, though no one can ensure the outcome. IMO now that there will be more people purchasing their goods if they support another language, why they refuse it?

Some enterprising folks should band together to translate this. I’d happily contribute linguistically.

Ahahaha FE1 remake that is awesome

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Played around with the trial version a bit. Definitely a huge FE4-FE5 influence; Even the animations are similar. (Less complex than the GBA ones, admittedly).

Really easy to port over RPGMaker spell animations to it as well.

Interesting stuff.

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FE4-5 FE game maker? That’s pretty cool. We’ve got GBA covered with FEXNA, and now this thing for kinda-okay SNES creations. Where da translators at?

Now we just need a FE6 remake.


Hi guys

Where is download file ?


It is a commercial software, instead of a free one. You can purchase it here.

Actually i am translating this software, i will upload some images soon, there’s many things to do yet, but i have already translated a part of the software, the sad thing is that i am translating the trial version, so don’t expect full features (i don’t have the 5900 yen that the Saphire Soft is asking us xD ) but i will try to crack software myself (but don’t expect this to work because i don’t know a damn thing about assembly), as soon it’s a little better i will release a version