Mugging Blitz Round 4


Oh my god I actually love you.


Shiny Jiggles on a “stage”, because small stars still need to shine.


Uh, thanks? I guess?


extremely blessed image


Great. Now I’m wanting a Basilio portrait that has the Basilikos as a head.


Someone wanted a big tiddy goth gf Arch
I hate myself


Hello there, newbie in the FEU server. Here you go, one of my first splices, repaletted and Insertable. [Edited] (Ah sorry, it should be working for this guy)

Second Splicee [Edited] (Alright i redid the witch, should be working)


That mage doesn’t seem to actually be proper hackbox size. Can you fix it?

EDIT: The knight also isn’t hackbox size


Nobody wants to submit mugs.

Just some random mugs and L’Arachel


mfw the mugs get more likes than the post itself


i had to do some serious witchcraft to be able to upload these but here i am

now i’m going back to the void i guess
[EDIT] Did one more thing (is there still time?)


So these aren’t recent sprites… They are actually pretty ancient - I made these a long time ago.

Anyway, hopefully someone will find a use for these FE4 mugs.


Some basic mugs I made
A Zoldam recolor and a couple of basic splices
Credit to BatimaTheBat for making the Lance with blinking frames. May the Valbar-tier chin serve you well.

Since the CYL 2 characters in Heroes came out today, I figured I’d do some simple splicing and recreate Brave Hector and Brave Ephraim, who wear Uther and Fado’s armor respectively.


out of curiousity who are the fourth and fifth guys? i know the first is ethlyn (probably), the second is arvis (probably), and the third is azelle (probably) but i dont really recognize the other two


The forth is Gandolf (the not so wise) and the fifth is Dimaggio, they’re some of the early game bosses.


mfw I was literally about to ask the same question for naming the characters in the doc


now bless us with gerrard


Natsumi made me do it


Tomorrow’s the last day, everyone! Get your portraits in!


I love the last two, they are great, Imma use them, with credit of course


Glad to be of service.