Mugging Blitz Round 4


Here is my portrait of the pegasus riding feh Olivia


She looks like an armor knight XD


I tried really hard to not make her look like an armor knight but… Oh well


Make a halfbody then
In all reality, it’s still really good


Wow, she looks great. Nice work!


Sending in two new mugs for this blitz.

Ishtar, Goddess of Thunder.

“Perhaps I’ve chosen the wrong path. Perhaps… Even so, there is… no turning back now.”

Tailtiu, Thunder Noble.

“I just can’t wrap my head around Father’s schemes, y’know? Besides, I love the priest!”


I suppose I did a portrait.
- Random Splice, who happens to have a palette similar to Kaze.
Blitz appeared at a time where I was busy, but I at least finished a single splice.


I should’ve clarified that it ends at the end of today, sorry~


Alrighty, we’re done! Give me a few days and I’ll get the package uploaded.

@SomeDenseGuy Unrelated note, but how come Olivia’s blink frames are swapped?


Fixed it. I also noticed that the mouth frames were wrong too and some stray pixels. Thanks for telling me.


Sorry for the late post!

Go download the package here!