Mugging Blitz Round 3


Proyect a complete


Where’s the package then >.>


…Oh, you’re right O_O)


lazy. will compile later. if you want to submit mugs before i compile, go ahead


compile proyect?



Since the OP is gone and didn’t compact the whole thing I felt free to do so. >.>


You the real MVP.


inb4 mugs submitted through DM


At that point aren’t we just donating mugs to the blitz host?


I decided to get off my lazy ass and add the link to the repo in the pain post. Shoutouts to YangKai.


package faulty, kappa :smiley:


what’s the issue with it


When I downloaded it I was like, :dizzy_face:hmm where’s my other 4 submissions. I thought they were ignored or something. Then I noticed they were sme’s now :joy:lol :lollipop:


Sorry, fixed it.


Emiya Archer is very nice,do you make that.can you make the saber Altria,I want put saber Altria in my rom.



really,thankyou man


nah he was pointing out that you fukkin necroposted in a thread that hadn’t been bumped for 2 months


I think he will make mug for me,and let me wait 2,english not my first language