Mugging Blitz Round 1


aaaa bless you bluey for doing a new minimug and fixing up the whole sprite

On the left is the original, and then the right is gradually increasing age of the sprite.


Your pineapple lord and savior.

EDIT: Forgot about the minimug


It’s ok really, as long as you try something else =)


Blind Hero/Swordmaster Dude (AKA Me being lazy and not drawing blinking frames)


How can I do that?


Look at the other mugs submitted, and use them as reference. All those portraits with a bunch of mouths on the bottom and eyes at the side are good for insertion.

Make sure your portrait stays within the size of the sample I posted above. The blank areas are blank for a reason: that’s what we call the hackbox. Nothing can go in the hackbox, because it will just be cut off.


Thanks for the help. That was an extremely crucial piece of information. But I’m gonna withdraw my posted submissions; I shouldn’t use and splice FE6 facial sprites. sigh I’ll be back in an other blitz or something.


My first (successful) splice. Figured I might as well post it here. I used the eyes from a character called Bertram from the NickT Collection, so thanks for making those free to use.

EDIT: Forgot to make an actual minimug, working on that now.

EDIT 2: Started an actual minimug. It’s not the best, but it’s a start, and it’s no longer a TLP mini anymore, so there’s that.


Here’s a new portrait of mine.



The Kaitou Duo, Lee and Estelle. Have yet to do Lina but w/e
Also, credits to NickT for using the eyes of Gail from his Mug Collection on Lee. :thumbsup:


I made this Eliwood edit for a PME I’m working on. I went for JoJo vibes, mainly from Jotaro and Joseph.


I bring up more mugs for this Blitz. Mugging Blitz Round 2 when?
In order: My self-insert, Enemok from FEDDOP, FE7CM!Erk, Raydrik, Shredder, Valerie (Luminous Arc 3), The Demon Who Calls It’s Name, Young Beran.

Fire emblem : Royal Blood & Mystical Beast
Fire emblem : Royal Blood & Mystical Beast

Uhh… You do realize anything posted here is free for anyone to use right? If you post assets from your hack here, people are allowed to use them for their own purposes.


I am a fool.


not sure if this counts but it’s too good not to post
i corrupted fe7 a long time ago and got this monstrosity, so maybe someone else will find an actual use for it?


Mugging Blitz 1 is over. Mugging Blitz 2 has started. All entries that didn’t make it to #1 will be in #2.