Mugging Blitz Round 1


Edgy Thief


The New:

Some old ones I found lying around and/or added frames to:


Edit: Whoops fixed elf lady’s reversed mouth frames and adding a few more and a Dropbox link.


Not my best, but I made in a day. Evil.

Mod edit (updated ver):


Lots of collaboration was had. Enjoy bestwaifu


Zelgius (obviously xD)

Generic soldier portraits (based on FE10’s Bow Paladin)

Sain as a Halberdier / Sentinel

These are the first mugs I’ve done so far, so they aren’t top notch, but I wanted to share them anyway xD Maybe someone will find joy in them.

Edit: added Sain as a halberdier and patched up the sentinel


All Free to use,credit to Glaceo for the help on the Gordin and Scraiza for the help on Caeda. Characters are Wrys,Abel,Nameless Mug #1,Meg,Lorenz,Gordin,Caeda, Nameless Mug #2 in that order. Hopefully more on the way,enjoy.


By Frigid and Rising Solaris


had this lying around, might as well enter it


Not sure if this one works ingame, BUT, this is my version of Saint Elimine of the 8 generals


By Xigdar:

The deadline is now past, but you can continue to submit if you want to, up until I put together the complete package and release it.


I’m not dead, been lurking.


Since the package wasn’t released until now I’d like to submit my most recent mug.

Yet again a generic portrait from FE10.

The Sentinel

Again rather low quality but anyway. enjoy


Oh yeah could you format these two so they’re ready for insertion?


It is Ross but with a Beard.


Can you format that for insertion please (mini mug and eye/mouth frames)


Several of my mugs are free to use as well :smiley:

A lot of the credit goes to several talented people who helped me with these mugs such as Blaze, Coby, Lenh, Eliwan, Tsushi, etc.

Ginny Knights







Female Warrior from Dragon Quest III


Way to toot your own horn there, buddy.


Kate now has a minimug and smiling frames! Credit to AmBrosiac on Discord for making one for the NPC villager.


his name jeff