Mugging Blitz 15 - The Return - The Sequel

Time: August 19 to August 26

Goal: Make as many free-to-use mugs as possible
(I hope I’m allowed to do this, don’t see why not) It’s been a couple seconds since we’ve see this, so, why not bring it around again? Can’t wait to see what people make or something. Anyway, we’ve seen this time and time again - create as many mugs as possible in the span of a week. I might compile this at the end. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows


All skill levels welcome! Even if you’ve never made a mug, this is a prime opportunity to get started!
Anything is allowed; Splices, full custom sprites, memes, halfbodies, and all others.
Images should be insertable in GBA or similar format like the halfbody format.
Using TLP minis or not including frames or minis is discourages, but not forbidden. (We may take you to the farm, but that’s beside the point)
You are free to use any existing sprites you have made. If they’re edits of a previously submitted sprite, specify it.
Submit by posting in this thread.
Joke or meme mugs are still perfectly okay to submit! Mugs like these (as well as any mugs not in the GBA insertable format, or aren’t properly insertable) will be placed in a separate folder.
Halfbodies will also be placed in a different folder.
Edits or revisions of your past submitted mugs in the same thread will be replacing the old version you’ve submitted.
AI generated and AI assisted artwork is permitted. However, you are not allowed to submit them if they are not insertable.
Submitting someone else’s sprite as your own and not crediting them, splicing from a sprite that is not free to edit, or submitting someone else’s sprite that is NOT free to use is art theft and will not be tolerated.
Make sure to name the file by this format before uploading: [Creator] - [MugName].png
Example : DaDogeMaster69 - Doge.png


My First Mug (needs work but LESS GO)

I should probably put my money where my mouth is (or however that goes), instead of just sitting around, and make a mug for this. So I did. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I probably should have started by saying that this is, in fact, ai-generated art. The base of the character, and I suppose for the most part, was generated. I added the frame things and did some touch-ups so that it wouldn’t look super bad. It was my first time really making a mug with frames and stuff, which was kinda hard to do. Having to line up the boxes is kinda hard as well.


What do you gain by submitting an AI-generated portrait to a Mugging Blitz? Why do you wish to be credited? You didn’t “make” anything.

Everything you said here is a lie. There is no art or artistry involved in the creation of this image. The way you phrased this makes it sound like you put any amount of effort into it, which is false and disrespectful to real artists in the community. I am aware “AI art is allowed” is in the rules, but please don’t pretend that you put any amount of time or creativity into this product.


I literally can, it’s in the rules. There is no issue with what I did. I guess I don’t really gain or lose anything, idk.

Just following protocol. The rules say “creator - name of mug.png” i dunno what you wanted me to do. I didn’t “wish to be credited.”

I suppose I didn’t make the picture, but I “made” the mug, if that makes sense. I’ll talk about that later.

I didn’t phrase that quite as well as I should of. That is a “my bad”

This was my second mug, first one with frames. Learning to do the frames was a long experience, considering I basically went in blind. It took me hours in total to clean up the character, “make” the chibi, box the mouth and eyes (I had a moment with the mouth where I accidentally doubled up the pixels on one side and it took me a while to realize. Whoops!) It was a learning experience that helped solidify further the work it takes to make these mugs. I’m a writer, not an artist. The skill for this kind of art is immeasurable, one that could take me years to master.

If AI art is allowed, what’s the grand issue? Should I have specified that the obviously AI-generated art was AI-generated (I probably shoild have, yeah, sorry about that. Completely understandable.) Also, like I stated before, I spent time on it. Since you’re making assumptions about me, I’ll assume that you’re a “ai-art = the end of real art/artists” person. Fair concern, but human made art will simply be leagues above AI art, and you know that.

Dawg I literally just learned about the thing thay literally just GENERATES an entire portrait for you from the repo discord, that is wild. Aight, I see why you were upset, but, I didn’t do that. If I HAD done that, I would totally understand why you would be upset lmao. Yeah, no, I didn’t use that ai. I actually put in effort and stuff. Pixai, or whatever its called, is literally just cheating or whatever. Pixai portraits are a whole different beast or whatever. If I had claimed I made one of those, that would be low effort and literally mean nothing and would be SUPER insulting to art and stuff. Again, I DID NOT USE PIXAI TO GENERATE THE ENTIRE PORTRAIT, I DID WORL AND PUT IN EFFORT AND STUFF. My portrait looks too put together/bad and not smooth to be that ai. The mug I made does, in fact, use ai, but not to that degree. I had to put in DA work to make it look good (enough). This was just a misunderstanding lmfao, we on the same team

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What the heck I also just learned about that generator. I think it’s actually a good thing since it makes it easier to reverse image search AI generated works for transparency.