MP3 for opening title music

Hello all, so lately I’ve been looking through some of my old files and videos and found a edit I made for one of the Fe8 songs. Problem is I have no idea how to ad this song to the game.
Here is the song edit in question any ideas?

You can’t insert .mp3s, you can insert a .wav but it’ll take up too much space. Your best bet would be to find a midi of the theme.

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I have the wav. file as well but I can’t seem to find convert it to a midi property. Any advice?

Okay but actually to be blunt, you can’t insert an mp3/wav/whatever into gba.
As Chair said, theoretically you could but wavs are huge and will eat through rom space like nothing.(the hardware isn’t there to play at a good enough sample rate either) Inserting wavs is reserved for samples and such. You’re going to have to find a midi or make one, and converting from wav is not going to work.

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converting wav to midi isn’t really possible. Either Find a midi of the song you want, or insert the wav itself.

Pro tip: Don’t insert wav versions of songs; they’ll take up way too much space.

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Thank you I will try and recreate the midi

Thank you