Moving Units when greyed out?

Back again with more questions.

Anyways, I’ve been trying to warpout or change unit positions after killing a certain boss, however, after let’s just say on the player phase when killing the boss with a certain unit, the unit becomes greyed out, making it impossible for it to be repositioned or anything movement related. I have found really only one way to do it. And it goes something like this:

IFET 0x13 0x1D
CAM1 Eliwood
CURF Eliwood
MUS1 0x50
TEX1 0x83C

I have to put this into a turn counter in order to activate within a certain set of turns for the event to trigger. This waits until the next enemy phase so all units could be clear.


I’m looking for a better way of doing this, because this method doesn’t seem like the most efficient way of doing this.


Are you trying to force-move the unit that kills the boss, or let the player move them after killing? If it’s the former, being greyed out doesn’t matter; you can still move them around with events. If the latter, you can unset the has_moved bit using UNCR char_id 0x2 (FE7) or SETVAL 0x1 0x2; UNSET_CONDITION char_id after installing this hack.