Move and Con growth

Did anybody manage to get Con and move growth properly implemented? I’d like to use these but so far I’m assuming nobody’s made this? It does seem like you’d have trouble adding in two more growths but the Str/Mag split works - I’m no wizard though.

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Yes, I did. I show as much in the current project of the week banner if you do not believe me lol

Because the code for adding in those growths is customized to the needs of my project, the fact that I can’t guarantee how it works with the current skill system, minor issues it has with map animations on when leveling up, and because I haven’t documented it, I’m not fully comfortable releasing it publicly at this time.

After the final version of SGW is released, I was going to release the buildfiles I used to make it (along with pursuit critical coefficient which I think is the only other unique ASM feature of my hack not public).

If you are willing to be patient until then, just know that it is on the way. If you would like to attempt adding them in yourself, I’d be happy to help.

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Oh, that’s good to know. I remembered something about you attempting this, good to know you’ve somewhat managed it.
I would certainly be interested in learning how you’ve implemented it but I’m not sure I’d be up to doing it myself - how difficult was it for you?

It requires ASM knowledge to do. All you’d have to do is modify all the proper growth and level up routines to account for the two extra stats, and figure out where to store them in the RAM for when a unit levels up along with where in the ROM you want to store where to pull the actual growth from (where it’s stored in the ROM is a big part of why I don’t want to release the hack publicly because I use two slots in the character struct table that is typically used for when a class promotes, but I use a different promotion routine in my hack).

If you pretty much copy how the magic growth asm adds in the magic growth, you can do the same for con and mov.

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Ah ok, seeing as how I can use the magic growth as a template then, I’ll have a go implementing these.
Thanks for the information

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