[Mostly Solved] How to add more classes?

So I’m trying to fit in a new class to a romhack I’ve been editing. The problem is that I don’t know how/where to create the class. Apparently the last three empty classes have to stay empty, and I don’t see any place to add new text for the descriptions. On top of that, I don’t know how to add in animation pointers or map animations.
I’m trying to use FEBuilderGBA, and am not having much luck. Is anyone willing to help or am I just being an idiot like usual?

You need to say what game you are trying to add classes for? If you re trying to expand the class list in FE8 it is strongly recommended not to do as it can cause errors in the game after doing so. So what game are you trying to work with?

I’m working on FE7.

I don’t think you can expand the class table at this time for FE7. You normally have to work with the class list that you have available.

FE7 has a lot of classes that you probably won’t need in your game that it likes to use for cutscenes, like duplicates of Civilians, the Ice Dragon, the Prince class, the Fallen Warrior, etc. You should try replacing any of those npc/cutscene classes first before you go about expanding the class table.

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Yeah, I guess I’m going to do that. There’s a couple classes that will cause issues, but only in optional places that I can cut off.

You should be able to repoint the class table for FE7 fairly easily. This means that you copy the entire table into free space (so that when you add more classes in, you don’t overwrite the data that comes after the old table), then you change all old pointer references to wherever you put the new one.

won’t this break saving though

In Fe 7 it is completely safe to extend the class table and it doesnt mess with save. (did it before myself) but the only is issue is that it could randomly not work with any other patch