More that 2 Promotions?

Hello, good morning, afternoon, evening and early morning. I would like to ask if in FEBuilder it is possible to make a class promote more than only 2 classes?
I would like to make a custom character which starts as a Civilian or a villager and use a promotional item so that the player can choose his class (if you know how to put a custom name in FEBuilder for FE sacred stones it would be very helpful) [Excuse my grammar I’m from Mexico and my English is not that good]

Yes it exists, best use ive seen is in @blood 's sacred trilogy hack. Maybe ask him. It should already be in the pre-made patches

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There is an existing patch in FEBuilder’s Patches list that allows for up to 3 promotion options per class. Go to Advanced Editors->Patch and search for “3 promotion branches”. Once installed, it lets you add a third choice from the normal Promotion Branches editor. While more than 3 has been done (Sacred Echoes villagers), it needs custom ASM to work like a normal promotion.

If you really need more than 3 promotions, it is technically doable without custom ASM, but it would take some eventing and be a bit jank. There’s a patch that lets you define events to be called by using an item (something like “special event per item”), and another patch that lets you create and call multiple-choice menus in events (something like “add event: route split menu”). You’d create an event that calls the multiple-choice menu when you use the item, then triggers a forced promotion based on their choice, and assign that event to your promotion item. You’d also have to include conditions to check if the unit is high enough level and in the right base class.


Okay, so you have a number of options for expanding promotions. Firstly, if you’re implementing your new Trainee characters’ classes over existing Trainee starting classes, you’ll have the two classes defined for each starting Trainee class in the “Promotion Branches” tab, plus the associated first “Super Trainee” classes for each slot, which are as follows:

  • Base Trainee slot 0x3D (Journeyman) will get the class in slot 0x7E as its extra promotion option.
  • Base Trainee slot 0x47 (Recruit) will get the class in slot 0x37 as its extra promotion option.
  • Base Trainee slot 0x3E (Pupil) will get the class in slot 0x7F as its extra promotion option.

Ordinarily, promotion into these Super Trainee classes is only available after the game has been cleared at least once on both Eirika’s and Ephraim’s routes. To remove this restriction and allow the classes to be promoted into during any playthrough, apply the patch “Remove game clear requirement for trainees third promotion options” in the “Patch” menu.

Also in the Patch menu, you have a few more options for adding additional promotion options!

  • The “3 Promotion Branch Options” patch will grant all classes an extra slot for promotion options. This third option is defined in the “Menu Class” field of each class in the Class Editor menu.
  • The “Split Promotion Items” patch allows you to let classes choose from multiple different promotion items with which to promote, and what each item allows them to promote into can be defined separately. “Split Promotion Items (Installer)” installs the patch, while the “PromoItemsList (Editor)” and “SplitPromoItemsList (Editor)” tabs just below it are where you would edit promotion items and their effects once the patch is installed.

I’m not sure if those two patches are compatible with each other, or, if they technically are, if they’d work in a way you’d find desirable in conjunction with each other. As such, I’d probably pick one or the other depending on what kind of promotion system you’re interested in using.

Best of luck!


no, I meant that the villager class can promote all the basic classes
fighter, magician, knight, archer in order to make a character with custom class as in shadow dragon

No, I understand what you mean! You want to implement a Villager class like the ones in Fire Emblem Gaiden and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, right?

In order to do this, you’ll need to pick a method by which you want to allow a class to have more than two promotion options. The options available for doing that are what I outlined in my post. You’ll probably need to use “Split Promotion Items” if you want to allow a Villager to promote into every single tier 1 class in the game, but if you just want their options to be Fighter, Mage, Knight, and Archer, that’s four classes and can be done by combining the 3 Promotion Branch Options patch with use of the Super Trainee promotions for the Trainee class slots.

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what I want to implement is something like the heart seal with Robin in awakening and be able to change to all classes

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Oh, okay!

That being the case, I’m not sure if there’s a way to make all that possible through just one “promotion” item without doing custom ASM hacking, but you could use Split Promotion Items and divide the reclass options across multiple item types. You’d also need to define a separate item or set of items for promoting, but that should be fairly easy.

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I understand thank you very much