How about here, this one is held strange but to talk with you; how do you know I have 2 reconstruction projects, FE6 and FE7 each one in FE8 (FE7 is the most promising to be finished soon) and I was wondering, if any of the 2 will finish, would you like me to make another Remake or Demake of some game of the saga and if so, which would it be?
(All projects, for now, will be in GBA and I don’t want to give too much hope since several things can happen like me in the university or that I get a job or something)



  • FE06
  • FE07

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Another Work of Me

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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What game do you want?

  • FE01
  • FE02
  • FE03
  • FE04
  • FE05
  • FE09
  • FE10
  • FE11
  • FE12
  • FE13
  • FE14
  • FE15
  • FE16
  • Another

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Also mention to me if you would like me to try to combine 2 games like FE1+FE3 or FE11+FE12.

Thanks for your answer.


I have updated the first post to know what game do you want have most soon

finish a project first


Ok, but I had to say

Just as I mentioned I’m with two projects my priority, for now, is RE6, in RE7 we are 3 people but we haven’t heard from the last person who touched the patch and so I’m with RE6 so therefore none of this will be done really soon (except the priority section those are projects are “Active”).

For now, I’m doing a chapter of FE6 in a week being in class even though they are virtual I will soon have a vacation (almost 3 or 2 months) so I could do several chapters in that time and quickly be finished; and then I could do another one of these projects.

This thread should really be part of your existing project threads I think.

You’re always free to talk about your project(s) on the FEU discord if you just want another place to shoot the breeze. Good luck with them.

My old computer corrupted my files that is saved on my USB so I lost the progress of RE7 and I can’t closer to my laptop to recover a backup of that USB, so for a time I can’t work.
Please forgive me for this.

But make for up I created this with my old PC (I hope this time the PC is not corrupt the files) little maps of various Fire Emblem from NES and SNES, I want to create maps also of SNES, DS, and 3DS like Shadow Dragon (FE11) and New Mystery (FE12) or create maps from Awakening (FE13).

In the next posts, I’m going to publish images of the first map of each game; I omitted FE4 and 5 because I couldn’t do any map; but fe8 is the engine; also FE9 and FE10, because other people are already working on this.

PD1: I’m using the Super Fields Tileset by WAve, RandomWizard and Beast.
PD2: Forgive my awful mapping skills.

"Fire Emblem 1: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light"
Chapter 1: Marth’s Quest

"Fire Emblem 2: Gaiden"

Chapter 1: Go Zofia (Battle 1: RamVall 1)

Chapter 2: Celica’s Journey (Battle 1: Graveyard 1)

"Fire Emblem 3: Mystery of the Emblem"
Chapter 1: Marth’s Journey


"Fire Emblem 6: Binding Blade" (From RE6)
Chapter 1: Dawn of Fate

"Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Blade" (From RE7)
Chapter 1: A Girl from the Plains

"Fire Emblem 11: Shadow Dragon"
Prologue I

PD: I’m using the Improved Castle (Tileset and Animations) by N426

"Fire Emblem 12: New Mystery of the Emblem -Heroes of Light and Shadow-"
Prologue I: Meeting

(Blue unit is The Avatar)
This map in DS is 11x8 meanwhile FEB only accept maps of 15x10 so is more big than orginal.

"Fire Emblem 13: Awakening"

Prelude: Invisible Ties

(Is the best that I could do, sorry)

"Fire Emblem BS: Akanea Senki"

Chapter I