Monster Hunter Emblem

This is just a concept that I would like to discuss with you here. Generating ideas and maybe some resources to a possible future hackrom.
I’m not planning to make a Monster Hunter X Fire Emblem, not at the moment , but would be great if you come to this thread to give suggestions about what should have a fehack about Monster Hunter , and maybe some day we could work together in a project like this. I hope you like this idea and I’m excited waiting for your ideas suggestions or even resources if you already have some. :3


I’m not sure how feasible a crafting system would be in FEBuilder, but having boss versions of monsters (maybe alphas or the alternate color master rank/G rank hunts?) drop unique gear would be a dunk

There’s a lot of item icons in the repo that cover all manner of armor, shields, weapons, and accessories that could be fun flavoring

Also, making hunting horns have the aura or rally skills seems like an easy win

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Yes I have a few ideas about that.
I thought about a quest system having for example the story as the town/ village quests.
Having the first chapter with some quests that are X Y Z chapters
Then if you clear the main quest you can go to the next difficult
Yes the boss should be those big monsters and the rest lesser monsters with a lot of reinforcement
Then I would like to have 4 characters per mission as usual monster hunter games.
Each zone of the mh maps being a fe map and just one of them depending of the mission target area
Weapons being associated with FE weapons
Swords being
Swords and Shield / Normal Swords also gives a bit of Def
Heavy Swords / Blades and two hands swords also gives a bit of Def
Long Swords / Myrmidon only swords
Dual Blades / Lord only swords
Axes or Heavy Weapons
Hunting Horn / that also works as music to give extra turns and power ups also Lord only Weapon or other specific tag/ flag like female only Weapon
Switch Axe / that works with reversal weapon
Normal MH Lance / that also gives big def
Gunlance l that also gives big def and Myrmidon Only Weapon that has ranged attacks using the gun part
Glace insect / Female only Weapon ranged physical
And Bows or projectiles
Light Bowguns
Heavy Bowguns
So so the same concept
To make possible have classes that use Hammer in the first stage and use also Hunting Horn in the second stage cause that class get the tag/ flag of that weapon.

Wold like to associate every FE class to a MH possible one
Any idea about this ?
Also I would like to read thoughts about what I wrote in this text
Also many thanks to you Wayward to reply. I’m so happy to see some interest in this possible project
The idea came to my mind at the moment I saw some references in the repo

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what would be the most ambitious option would be to have a number of hutners that start as trainee classes, and you do a set of, say, three options for each and you split the weapons as classed between

Like, I’m thinking you’ve got a Blademaster trainee who can choose to go Mercenary/Greatsword, Myrmidon/Longsword, or some kind of lord clas that fufills the role of S&S. You could do similair splits for a trainee that becomes Bow or Bowgunner, a soldier trainee that gets to choose between insect glaive, lance and gun lance, and an armoed trainee that could get hunters horn, hammer, and I suppose switch axe or charge blade.

Maybe something a la a mercenary buy in? Like, you start the game with a pool of rank 0 hunters from each of the trainee trees that all have slightly different growths/skills/proficiencies, and you’ve got enough funds initially to pick four and a prefered weapon set for each to start with

Edit: you would be able to replace fallen hunters at the hub with funds earned down the line in that case so it wouldn’t be a super-punishing Iron Man Run scenario where only one hunter survives a party wipe


Way ahead of you haha - been working on something for a little while now. There are a few monsters in the game.

Yamis MHFEBrach


Well it is and not the same idea we have.
It seems like you are planning a fire emblem game with Monsters from monster hunter while we are almost talking about a Tactical monster hunter game but using FE hack as base /engine
It would be really helpful if you make someday your monsters f2u or edit
Obviously if you want to use some of the assets we are planning to add you can do it :3 good luck with your project

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I like your ideas. If you like we could talk more about this possible project by direct message on discord. And let this thread to post theories and assets and let other members to share their ideas and opinions :3
This is my discord account Lukirioh!#4782 feel fro to dm me any of you guys :3

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I’ll being sharing this possible project with YGO × FE server in a channel cause I just can give ideas at the moment.
I checked the FEBuilder and found that there are a lot of weapon locks that i can use for some unique classes.
I like the idea of having 4 members at the beginning being trainees
But the real question it’s
Should we add more future characters or just 4 ?
It should be the story about a minor group of hunters or a guild of hunters ?
Another question
Hunters Vs Monsters only
Or could be good idea having bad and evil teams of hunters that hunts other hunters in the middle of missions ?
Gonna love seeing your replies

Having a cast with a bunch of diverse character traits and weapon types/styles but only being able to deploy 4 of them would be cool

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Thanks for your opinion and yes I’m trying to make diverse characters so I made kind of Character Card like if it were a Chat Role Play Game and sent it to my friends that plays Monster Hunter to based on those cards to make the characters.
Tell me if you want me to share the Character Card to fill it with your details about how you would like to be in a monster hunter tactical game like this

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I like the idea of some evil team’s and hunters in the middle of the missions but I want are different team’s with different ideas. Maybe a team wants monsters for collection them, other wants monster for use them like weapons and that type of ideas.

Besides I would like have pet monster, could be a great idea and be separated from characters (when is a big team even add them in the team when is a little team) but idk if this is possible

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Like not only evil teams cause yes. They can be also different in many ways with different proposes. I like it
Now about pets
You know i separated the 14 mh weapons and associated them with FE weapons
Then I got this

Swords /

  • Great Sword or two hands
  • Long Swords or katanas
  • Sword and Shield
  • Dual Blades
    Axes and smash weapons /
  • Hammer
  • Hunting Horn
  • Switch Axe ( an axe that switches they shape into a sword )
  • Charge Blade ( a sword and shield that switches that shape into an axe )
    Lances /
  • Lance
  • Gunlance
  • Glave Insect
    Ranged Weapons /
  • Bow
  • Light Bowguns
  • Heavy Bowguns

But it remains the three magic slots
And I associated with your idea in some way
There’s a Monster Hunter spinoff named Monster Hunter Stories
There aren’t hunters , they riders
Children that rides child versions of monsters

So I decided to add Riders
Since riders can order they monsties to attack with their attributes like fire balls or summoning lightnings
Then Riders should be the “magical” mounted units of this game

Hunters walks and have high def and strength
Riders are mounted and have high res and magic force

So the magics are gonna be replaced by monsters battle abilities

And Riders can promote different by finding eggs
In MH stories if you found a monster egg you can birth the monster inside
So if your unit it’s a rider and you found a wyvern egg you are gonna promote your unit to mount a better monster

So there’s another hole that i found how to fill

The healers are gonna be cats
They are called Palicos mini nyan hunters focused on support the hunters on their missions

Many thanks for giving us your ideas :3
I’m glad to see your replies and ideas to grow this future project

I think it could be an interesting idea to combine this with an attempt to add “multiple-tile-sized” enemies like the monsters from Three Houses. If possible even bodyparts to aim at that deal debuffs on the enemies if destroyed. Simplified this could even work by using specific weapons.

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Waw just Waw no really
I obviously thought about multiple tile size monsters
Around 2tiles² monsters but making making each tile being a different life like a different unit would be really cool
I mean
In monster hunter you can break some parts of the body of living monsters and for example if you break the tail then it won’t hits you with the tail same with claws or fangs
I think it would be possible someway like making the tórax the teal boss unit so you can kill the monster without breaking their body parts
But then it should be necessary to make all the body parts of the monster to move exactly at the same time and i don’t know how to do it
But yes it would be really cool further with the help of scripters

At the moment I’m just thinking how to simple edit a fe to make it a mh cause my poor script knowledge
But if it is eventually changed it would be really cool.
Many thanks for your revolutionary idea.

Now talking about revolutionary Ideas.
What do you prefer ?
Normal 2 or 3 promotions stage per unit like vanilla or
An stage depending of the rank ( arc of the story ) you are playing?
That should be around 10 ranks

I vaguely remember someone making chargeblade anims awhile back, including the S-A-D.

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There are a few more mechanics at play then you’re giving credit for haha – the Brachy in that example takes up 4 squares – you can target his horn, either fist and tail, all with different animations and attacks (in the gif it’s his right fist that gets targeted). You can get breaks, changes in his AI with a rage mechanic, roars, as well as things like cannons, ballistas, ballista binders and the hunting gong are present.

You are right in that I’m not taking too much from the weapon classes however! Best of luck integrating them into your hack! Looking forward to seeing it!

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Good luck with your hack too. But my question is
In your project you say that each part has they own attacks , animations and life but
Can you make all of the move at the same time or those are statics ?

Sorry for the sorta necro, but sure that would be great