Modular Battle Custom Calculations to Include in Blazing Shell?[Open?]

I figure since Blazing shell is for the community, the community should say what routines it ships with. So I’ll begin and cross off the ones I’ve done. Feel free to add your own suggestions (after Arch wikis this post)

  • SNES Style Criticals
  • weapons that give +20 avoid
  • doubles WTA
  • negates WTA
  • Devil weapons that damage the user for every hit / reduce the user’s Def/Res -@Venno
  • Could you go into more detail as to how you want it to act?
    • Well, one idea would be that it’d damage you by some percentage of your maximum HP every time you landed a hit with it (or every battle, if that’s not possible). I’m not sure how feasible it is to make something damage you at the same time as your opponent, though. Alternatively, it could poison the user every time it hit.
    • I could write the routine, but I don’t know how well it would work with the animations, since they have specific times they update HP and all. This is doable, though!
  • Targets the enemy’s lower/higher stat out of Def/Res. -@Arch
  • Uses defense to calculate atk instead of str. -@Arch
  • FE6-style Eclipse weapons that deal HP - 1 damage. -@Arch

Something based on LUK? I don’t know if any skills will be included, but maybe nosferatu healing based on the LUK stat would be super cool.

Also, maybe a pierce skill like FE8’s, but based on enemy DEF? (30 enemy DEF = 30% activation, 12 def = 12%)

FYI the first post is a wiki post, so anyone can edit it and add in suggestions! For a demonstration I’m making, I have a pierce that always halves enemy defense. I could make chance based ones too, though!

I intensely dislike wiki style posts. It feels like if I’m editing the post right as someone else is and I hit submit before them, when they submit my changes will be lost. Also, it’s sloppy and ugly.

I much prefer forum style posts with “official” stuff added to the OP. So if you say “Yeah sure, nosferatu healing based on the LUK stat seems fine” then someone would add it to the OP. Otherwise, actually discussing it all in a single post is really sloppy.

Well, to each their own I guess. In any case, the nosferatu effect is unfortunately in a different part of the code that I don’t open for editing. You can heal your unit, but I have serious doubts about its animation (much like if you give an iron sword the nosferatu effect, its animation won’t quite work).

Pierce is trivial to implement though.

I have another suggestion.

I wanted the fire dragon in FE7 to have nosferatu healing when he attacks and not pierce defenses. That’s easily doable, however, I also wanted the dragon to attack the DEF stat on physical users, and RES stat on magic users. This, not so easily doable.

Could you include this in the modular routines? Attacking RES for magi and DEF for Physical?

Okay, I’ll include that. It’s doable, not too easily, but easily enough. I’d need a table of magical units, though.
(As such I guess I’d rather not include it by default since people be editing classes)

It’s also be interesting to have a weapon sort of like that, which simply targets the lower stat out of Def/Res.

That’s much easier to do.

@Arch, how about a lower OR higher stat? I primarily want it to target the highest defense stat the unit possesses, since in chaos mode the dragon will have about 90 freaking attack points. Targeting the highest stat is a must.

  • FE6-style Eclipse weapons that deal HP - 1 damage.

Adding that to the list.