Modifying The Turns A Stave Effect Lasts

I’m rebalancing staves so that staff users can do stuff besides healing for most of the game. For this, I’m looking for give the player access to silence early on in the game, sleep for later, then berserk.

But obviously as staves are now, they’re too powerful, and have too little durability. I want to lower the turns stave-induced status effects last, while also giving them more durability so the player gets to mess around with them more.

I’m pretty sure this just requires me to change a few bytes in hex, but I don’t know where they are. Anyone know?

Thanks in advance.

Try this:

Wow! Fast and easy! Thanks~

But that changes the turns for all staves, it would be nice to edit every staff individualy and have “El” staves that last longer that their normal versions, like Elsleep and Elsilence from FE10.

In this case it’d probably be prudent to copy the code in the staff effect table and make a modified version, and re-insert that.

This hack lets you change the status duration based on the attacker’s level, but it should be easy enough to change it to read from weapon Mt instead.