MintX's Crappy ASM

Been making a lot of ASM stuff lately so might as well post some of those here.

Update: All my public ASM hacks can be found here:

FE12 AI: Link

What it does:
This hack changes AI to focus on doing the highest amount of damage like in FE12, allowing experienced players to trick the AI into doing dumb things.

What you can expect the AI to do:

  • Ignore players that can’t counter and go for the unit with the lowest defense
  • Use a Steel Lance over a Javelin against a one range enemy
  • Not being very smart, in general

The Target Priority(TP) calculation formula:
If kill: TP = 0xFF + Hit
If target has Provoke(from Skill System) TP = 0xF8
Otherwise TP is capped at 0xF0
TP = Damage Dealt in One Hit x (2 if Doubling) x (2 if Brave) x (3 if Crit >= 10) x (Hit/128 if Hit < 30) x 2
TP + 1 if enemy cannot counter

Update: AI4 as AI Priority is now part of the package. Some jumpToHacks have been replaced for simplicity.


Stall AIs: Link

This hack creates a bunch of AI2 options that makes the unit wait 2, 3, 4, … 10 turns then start moving, by default starting from AI2=13. Similar to vanilla AI2=12(Wait 1 turn, set AI2 to 00)'s effects.
Also includes a script that expands the AI1&2 tables.

Huge shoutout to 7743. FEBuilder has been a great help in creating this.


Thracia Rescue Trading AKA Infinite Give & Take:

ORG 0x229A8
SHORT 0x1C00

ORG 0x22A10
SHORT 0x1C00

AI4 as AI Priority: Link

What it does:
AI4 now determines the AI’s movement order.
Units with low AI4 values should move before units with high AI4 values.
Since AI4 & 0x20 is used to determine boss/stationary AI,
that bit is ignored, so 0x22 should move before 0x03.
AI4 = 0x0 will default to 0x20, in case you don’t want to set anything.


Autolevel Rework: Link

Actually 2 hacks in 1.

Promoted Autolevel Rework: Want to send a bunch of promoted enemies down the player’s throat in chapter 2? This hack allows you to set the level bonus (normally 19) for promoted enemies for each chapter. Set the bonus to 5 so the player can totally deal with them.

Hard Mode Bonus Rework: Want to make an edgy SotF inspired hack with 20 attack 1 defense enemies on hard mode? Hard Mode Bonus Rework allows you to set individual hard mode bonus per stat. Simply set defense hard mode bonus to 0 and attack hard mode bonus to 20 or something, you can have the authentic FE12 lunatic experience.

Now uses it’s own table!



Turn Antitoxins into Panaceas that can cure all status conditions.

ORG 0x290EE
SHORT 0x2800 0xD001

Ah great! Now I have Full Heals.

Curious question for this. Is it an item to use on self or others? Because sleep and stone makes me wonder.

Self use, it’s literally just a better antitoxin.

Sorry for necroposting. Will AI use a Panacea if they are Silenced or Freezed? (Freeze is the status that sets mov to 0, but still allows actions