Mint tries to make Stuff

You have been warned. Seriously though, they still need a lot of work, so any help or advice would be plenty appreciated :pray::pray::pray: just don’t be mean or I’ll cry

So a couple of months ago, I decided that I wanted to make some portraits, because I wanted to make my own fire emblem fan game, and I jumped right in. The thing is, everywhere said to start by splicing, and I didn’t want to because when I do art things digitally, I usually use my iPad, and I have no idea how one would properly splice in iPad’s Procreate. So I decided to just freehand and see where it got me, lol

It got me here, at first:
image image image image

Not too bad for first attempts, I would think! But they lack a certain fire emblem-y-ness, not quite emulating the style of gba fire emblems. And have other issues.
I found that it’s not especially difficult per se, in some areas, because it’s still pretty close to traditional drawing. It’s the FACES that kill me- they’re optical illusions! Especially the eyes. How do the eyes work? Especially girls’ eyes. Too anime, idk
Also, for whatever reason, anatomy and shape/size is a trillion times more difficult to get right in pixel formats.

This was the first one I really liked, though (though he’s FEXNA sized)
His neck is kind of a fuck though, and his beard is weird.

I started working on generics for BWDYeti’s compendium of generic portraits, because while it wasn’t splicing, it was drawing over top of a base, and thus helpful. Also, they don’t have eyes.

image image image

Then I started trying my own fire emblem OCs (and kept them formatted properly lol)
Here’s a scrapped design for one of my protagonists, Morrigan:

And a generic soldier from the Rukaninan Empire whose anatomy is shit and who is way too small (I have no idea what happened there tbh):

But I finally got my main trio of characters down… and they all look wonky. Help. I don’t like any of these lol I might completely redraw them from scratch again. Meet the new Morrigan, whose hair hair movement is probably too dynamic for a still frame; Orion, who was cursed with Smallness again, as well as profile view giving me TROUBLE; and Lionel, who just looks off somehow.
image image image

Altogether, though, my favorite so far is this fellow, redesigned from one of my early ones, and basically a self-insert persona thingy ngl
But I see zero especially glaring images with him.

So yeah, that’s where I’m at. O spriter-senpais, please show me your ways, if you are so willing.

Also, I’m not greedy, so anybody can feel free to take, alters, edit, and use whatever- though not the last four (or the FEXNA generics, bc I think that’s the rules). Even if they’re bad sprites I’m sure they can be fixed up and repaletted pretty easily lol

Thanks for checking this out~


Since my protags are the portraits I’d actually really like some help and opinions on, I’ve compiled some concept art of them from my sketchbook (as well as of other characters).

Note: I wrote a lot and this post isn’t as much “creative” anymore as it is “concepts.” I can’t figure out how to do spoilers on mobile, but I’ll edit the post later to include those so it’s not as ridiculously long. Now, as for my trio of protagonists…

This is their… current versions, I suppose!

Morrigan is a girl from the countryside who was gifted with the ability to prophesy. Whisked off to the capital and raised to be a priestess for most of her life because of this, her adventure begins when she receives a vision of… well, basically the apocalypse, and decided that she needs to stop it. She’s an Oracle and uses light magic.
Lionel is the youngest prince of the Rukanian Empire, and as such has far less responsibilities than his older siblings- and has developed into an irresponsible and troublemaking teenager, but also someone with a fair amount of street smarts for a royal brat. He’s a Lord and uses anime magic.
Orion is a mercenary, and formerly the tactician of a large and well-renowned mercenary guild, which has since split apart once its’ leader perished. He’s now the leader of a much smaller group, and is analytical, stoic, and cold. He’s also of Sylpherian descent, thus the white hair and pale skin. He’s a Hunter and uses bows.

And some older concepts of them:

Featuring an as-of-yet unnamed character idea hanging out with Orion. Morrigan has gone through the most changes.

And here’s some more character drawings bc I like showing off my ridiculous fantasy outfit designs tbh
They’re all fairly major supporting characters

From left to right:
Silvie was a street rat and pickpocket who Morrigan helped, befriended, and eventually was able to get to be an initiate priestess as well. Silvie is quick-witted, cunning, and incredibly loyal to her best friend Morrigan. She brings out her old skills as a Thief to assist the seer in her quest.
Piotr is Lionel’s personal bodyguard, and an incredibly serious man who never seems to smile. His past is a mystery to most, but he’s an incredibly skilled Myrmidon and a loyal vassal to the royal family. Constantly irritated with Lionel but actually quite a good role model and example for the prince.
Juliana is a mercenary working with Orion. She’s loud, obnoxious, flirty, selfish, manipulative, greedy- obsessed with money and buying nice things. Her personality has her oftentimes serving as the team’s mouthpiece, in contrast to Orion’s aloof attitude. She’s a Thief and her job within the group is information gathering, spying, stealth, and lockpicking.

Katja is a tough, reliable, and no-nonsense captain within a rebel faction that opposes the empire’s control. She’s a Zweihander by class.
Toma is a young vagabond Mercenary who joins Morrigan on her quest. He’s cheerful, energetic, and a self-proclaimed hero of justice who believes it’s his destiny to aid her in preventing the apocalypse.
Cato is an old friend and loyal companion of Orion’s and a member of his team. He’s a Vassalian Wyvern Rider who doesn’t talk much, and especially not about his past, though people often wonder about his elaborate hand-crafted armor. Similar to Orion in stoicism and seriousness, he contrasts his friend by being more intense and earnest, as opposed to cold and distant. As wyverns aren’t native to Rukania, he is one of the selling points of Orion’s mercenary group.

And here’s some other older sketches and doodles that include unused character concepts, precious drafts of the characters shown above, and other ideas.

I also wanted to make my characters visibly culturally different, so I have a few drawings of generic people from the various countries and people groups.
The game would take place in the United Empire of Rukania, which is categorized by a fairly gothic style. It’s inhabitants are known for being very serious and rigid. The empire has a high focus on military training, and all men must join once they come of age, for a period of time. Women are free to join as well, but are not forced. While the empire isn’t at war and hasn’t been for some time, it’s very large and as such needs a sizable military force to patrol and guard it. Thus, there’s a strong militarian mentality within the populace, and a certain conservative uniformity visible within common clothing and hairstyles.
Rukanians generally have pale skin with dark hair, though it varies. Eye colors vary as well. Clothing is usually blacks and other darker, duller colors. The military wears black armor with gold trim, often accentuated with spikes for intimidation value. Members of the clergy, in contrast, are easily identifiable by their stark white garb. The church holds a powerful place in Rukanian society, as well.
Rukania suffers, however, from a vast divide between the haves and the have-nots, especially within major cities. The culture within the slums is completely different from the empire’s as a whole, and was the birthplace of the rebel factions active today. Rukania claims a certain equality, as all men must serve in the military or guard force, which has solid pay and other benefits, but many of the poorer folk are treated harshly by men in uniform and as such often avoid military service and hold grudges against those in power.

Rukania is in a state of political turmoil at the start of the game. The emperor has fallen gravely ill and vanished from the public eye, and his daughter has taken the place of empress, but is treated relatively poorly by the populace due to her inexperience and general lack of charisma. Multiple factions vie for power within the empire’s courts, their attention turned inward as the Empire’s enemies to the west grow bolder with their raids and attacks on at the border. The citizens are restless and afraid. Crime has increased, and the military has cracked down hard, which causes more social unrest. Rebel factions grow in confidence and power. The royal family finds itself in danger. Mercenary work is at an all-time high.

Meanwhile, the Empire has various neighbors nearby and minority groups within, which I’ve also sketched.

Vallas is an imperialistic and battle-hungry nation to the west, and one who the people of Rukania are afraid will soon be at war with. They are behind many raids and attacks at the border between the two nations. Vallassian armed forces are categorized by a love of battle, their distinctive golden armor, and their feared wyvern rider battalions. They tend to have warmer skin tones and blonde hair, with eyes to match.
Aeyremir is a large expanse of wilderness populated by many differing tribes, usually known for being quite barbaric, and often hired by Vallas as mercenaries. The tribes vary in appearance, but their are some similarities- long hair is common for both men and women, armor is a mishmash of random items, and trophies of battle and hunting are worn on the person. People of Aeyremir tend to have brown hair and eyes, though they range from very light to very dark. Their skin tones also run the gamut.
Yewin is a kingdom to the south, heavily forested, but without very much especially of note. They’re neutral on the surface, but have a surprisingly large criminal underworld and are the center of the continent’s drug trade. They tend to wear a lot of green, and generally have hair and eyes in reddish shades, with fair skin.
Sonahom is a city-state far to the Southwest, hidden within the sands of the great desert there. Supposedly. It is said to be guarded by powerful spells, wards, mirages, and illusions, and thus can only be found by those who know its’ secrets. Its’ people are categorized by brightly colored fabrics, often worn in layers, alongside excessive jewelry and gold. They tend to have dark skin, hair, and eyes.
Sylpheria (formerly Sylphica) is a country to the north of Rukania. It is very cold and covered in snow nearly year-round. It’s people are famous for their unnatural beauty and ethereal quality, with very light skin and having eyes and hair that range from stark white to pale blues. They are well known for their mastery of magic, being the native land of pegasi, and having a strict religious doctrine espoused by a theocratic government. Many Sylpherians have fled southward into Rukania to avoid religious persecution.

Alongside the Sylpherians, other minority groups within Rukania include the Haskani, nomadic tribes known for their skill with handicrafts, a strange religious mysticism, and talent with horseback riding- as well as the Gwydians, a group of odd folk who dwell deep within the great forests in the southern parts of Rukania. Gwydians are incredibly reclusive and despise outsiders. They practice a nature-based religion of which they are quite dedicated to, and can be identified by their excessive blue body paint which often depicts plants and organic shapes, their light clothing dyed a special shade of green, their use of flowers and animal bones as accessories, and their hair and eyes being bright shades of green and blue. Both Gwydians and Haskani tend to be darker complected, with Gwydians displaying cooler tones and Haskani displaying warmer. Haskani are less distinctive in their relatively dark eyes and hair, but are well known for their elaborately patterned fabrics and common use of the color purple.


Everything is great the story and the sketches
If I can help with anything just ask

I think I saw your stuff on SF as well… you’ve got some good potential here, it looks like you just need to reference the shading and sizes to match more with Fire Emblem style in general.

Some fun designs though, and some enjoyable art. The art I like quite a bit tbh, some nice life and expressions to it.

Aw, thanks guys! @ErrantDShepherd @FahadRashid327 Very nice of you to respond, sorry I never said anything back DX

Truth is, my computer went kaput so my game and spriting has been put on hold for a while. I was finally able to have it fixed and I’m getting it back soon, but with the caveat that it’s erased the hours and hours of work I’d already put into the game. Which was pretty crushing. So idk when I’ll get back on it. When I do, though, I’ll definitely back things up this time!!!
But anyway, heres’s some more knights that I’d drawn a while ago!

Lionel’s friend Axel (which is a dumb name for an axe user, but idk what to change it to!), who’s an unruly rebellious ruffian and a terrible influence, and the knight captain Bellona, who’s very much the opposite sort of influence, and would be the game’s Jeigen.

Then we have our red and green cavaliers, Johanna and Filipp, who are a sword and axe user respectively. Filipp is laid-back and chill while Johanna is very serious and intense, and she often acts as a translator for him since he is deaf.
Third is Evaline, a lance cavalier, and a very young but headstrong and ambitious soldier under Lionel’s elder brother’s command.

And this is Konrad and Adrian. Konrad is a meek, quiet, and cowardly soldier under these other knights’ command, but he acts as a sort of little brother to them and they all really value him and want to protect him, even if he’s the worst soldier in the party. Some people have better skills in emotional connectivity than weaponry!
And Adrian is the first armor knight you’d get. He’s an experienced soldier who’s never without a smile, and the object of many young womens’ affection. Seems cocky and arrogant at first, like he’s playing a role, but he’s actually genuinely a Captain America archetype, the whole package of a bright smiling handsome knight in shining armor who saves everyone all the time. Or at least, tries to. Like Konrad, he’s good for morale.

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For axel how about seth or rick I guess he just give me the vibe of a guy you’d walk in to he’d be like hi sub im rick or seth