Minor Graphical Glitches

I encountered a strange issue with the minimugs of the portraits I installed.

After every combat, the background color of the minimugs becomes partially garbage pixels until I either check the statscreen or cursor over another character’s minimug.

I’m using the portrait2dmg that came with the EasyBuildfiles. When I imported the same sprites via FEBuilder to test, they worked fine so I must have set something wrong with my graphics installer event?

The part that got me really curious is this issue only happened on VisualboyAdvance. When I went to no$gba for debug testing, it was totally fine.

I know I’ve been asking a lot of questions these last two weeks, so if it’s too much let me know. I spend a lot of time researching solutions but I’m clearly not looking in the right places if I’m getting hard stuck so often.

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I can’t help much, but from what I have seen around most people don’t reccommend using Vba for making rom hacks. You did say it worked on no$gba, so maybe it might also work with Mgba? It is generally one of the emulators people recommend for making rom hacks.

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Testing it out on mgba, the glitches are still present on that emulator.

I redownloaded the EasyBuildfile and put a new clean FE8 in it and noticed that this issues happens when just running it using only the default test portraits without me adding or tampering with anything.

Additionally, I noticed that when testing it on the default test map it comes with, any combat with Eirika crashes the emulator, even on no$gba. Visualboy and mgba just freeze, while no$gba actually closes out entirely, so I can’t even check what went wrong.

I don’t have this crash on my current build, but if I’m experiencing a crash when just running a clean rom through the default settings, is the issue native to the files? Is it my hardware?

Finding anything related to this is a mystery to me. Plenty of people have had common issues like eye/mouth frames or the left and right portion of the portrait cut off, but nothing on temporary garbage pixels.

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I really don’t know how to help, sorry. I hope you can find a solution for your problem.

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Thanks for replying anyways.

If anyone reading this has graphics in their buildfiles, would it be considered bad form to ask for a working set up to look at?

The last time I got stuck on an issue someone was kind enough to let me download their build and I was able to learn from the difference between their’s and mine.

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I think that Feuniverse has a Discord server. Maybe you will have better luck finding help there?

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Thats problem where I should be spending my time. Thanks!

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I went to discord and found the solution so now I’m here posting for posterity’s sake.

If anyone from the future is using Mystic’s EasyBuildfiles and is having issues with buggy portrait imports, know that the PortraitFormatter that comes stock with it is, infact, bugged.

Instead, please use the formatter contained in this link and follow Contro’s Buildfile Tutorial on how to install them properly.

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