Mini portrait creation

anyone know how to make mini-portraits? or what to use to making one?

It’s easier than it seems.

Take a 64x64 crop of the face. Include all of the head and as much of the chest as possible.
Shrink it to 32x32. Do NOT use any interpolation or anything that will increase the color count.
Then just make sure there’s a border around the image, clean up weird looking bits, and make the face ook like other chibis.

Ta-da! Maybe L95 or PwnageKirby can post a tutorial sometime using visual aids.

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thanks, the mini portrait kinda looks like crap but whatever

Another way to do it is taking pieces from all of the mugs you likely used and use THEIR mini-portraits. Obviously this doesn’t work if you create your own portraits from scratch, but if you splice…

… Well, you get easy-to-use minimugs. Save those pieces! Although like Klok said, if you freehand it to fix up some weird-looking errors they’ll look even better.

Remember, if you do it the cop-out way and use a cropped face shot, berserkers with devil axes will spawn in and crit every one of your units.


Plot twist: They end up critting themselves.


koff koff the last promise method koff koff


are there any programs that you think I should use?

MS paint.

(Just noticed klok suggested making a lil’ tutorial… though Nickt made one recently, I think?)

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Was made in response to this very topic, actually.

But you didn’t actusllg post it on the forum of the topic you’re replying to? lol rip feu.

MS paint won’t work for me, it adds colors for some reason

That’s a problem with newer paints.

Hm, maybe try Paint.Net or GIMP?
I don’t remember what program I used to resize that didn’t add a bunch of colours…

Make a selection with the square selection tool instead of just resizing the entire thing.

With selection tool (left) vs resizing the entire image (right) in paint:

No idea why paint selectively applies AA like that. (Though I may no longer have the newest paint, I haven’t upgraded to windows 10 or anything.)

Lol, making a tutorial for someone asking a question here then posting it on another forum

I suppose it was more of a “hey, that’s an idea” rather than making it directly for this.

More people’d see it over on Serenes anyway, particularly spriters as from what I’ve seen this forum has a bit more in the way of hackers instead.