Member No. 2865 is back after nearly a decade!

Hello Everyone! Around 9 years ago I joined the old FEU forum. My username was pretty much the same back then (it was TheZalor), but I doubt anyone remembers me. After digging through the Internet Archive I have found proof though!

This was a ROM hacking project my 12 year old self was rather proud of back in the day. However, I think from reading the introductory paragraph alone you can see that the only possible merit it might have had was being so bad it might be entertaining.

On a more serious note. A couple months ago my fascination with Fire Emblem ROM hacking began to return, and around a month in a half ago I started seriously working on a Fire Emblem hack that is slightly modeled off of a Three Act Play structure. This way I have enough room to make something interesting and outside the box, but it isn’t so ambitious to cause me to burn out. I don’t yet feel comfortable announcing the project as I still have a lot to do even for the first draft, so I’m being intentionally vague for now.

Some might have noticed that over the past couple of weeks I have started some threads asking for help when I reached certain roadblocks. I figured I should formally (re)introduce myself, so people have a better idea of who I am. Also, I included that old snapshot since I thought it would be funny, please don’t judge the current me too much on my silly 12 year old self with his constant misspellings (though I do hope it might have brought you a laugh).


We all have our embarrassing early projects and ideas. Just gotta keep working at it! Welcome aboard.


Heelloooo fellow member! Welcome back to the FEU forum, hope you enjoy your time being here and seeing all the new works us users share.

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Welcome back!

I’m kind of morbidly curious about that old hack you made, would sharing it be alright?

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Welcome back! Gotta appreciate the good ol’ days when everyone just made stories that took place in Elibe because the technology to change everything in the game willy-nilly just wasn’t there yet. I imagine you’ve already been pleasantly surprised by how far the tools have come, especially in the past five years.


Yeah, some of the videos are still up on my Youtube channel (kept them up for nostalgia reasons). Apparently these are the only videos I haven’t deleted: 1:(

Hope they provide some entertainment factor. The fact that I had custom maps and event for Fe6 was actually somewhat impressive back in 2010.

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Yeah, back then the fun of hacking was being able to do whatever you wanted with your favorite games. These days I think hacking has taken on a form of basically artistry and it isn’t just people screwing around with a game file just because they can. I love how far FE hacking has gone and tools like Febuilder are a god send (although I still mostly use old fashioned methods). But the perception of ROM hacking from just being changing the ROM in fun ways to being almost a formal level of game design is something that is relatively more recent, at least compared to 2010 standards.