Max weapon ranks [FE7]

One thing I liked to help differentiate classes in RD and Fates was the presence of max weapon ranks. Example would be Generals and Wyvern Lords sharing Axes and Lances, but Generals get A Lances with B Axes and Wyvern Lords get B Lances with A Axes.

I’m kind of wonder if there’s like an ASM patch or a check I could do to make that (and in particular limit S ranking weapons to certain classes, like Swordmaster or Sniper)

I remember there was a patch for this, but I’m not totally sure.

You can also create the same effect with Venno’s array-based weapon lock, I’m using it to limit the elemental Sages from using other anima magics, like Wind Sage can use all Wind tomes, but just up to C level Thunder tomes.

I’m gonna be hacking this for FE8 if anyone cares

But S is equal to 251, there’s only 4 integers left to make an SS

That’s not what we’re wanting to implement… It’s capping it out, so like, for examples, the trainees only being able to get up to a C.

That’s exactly what I was looking for lol. Something like this:

Journeyman (1): C Axes
Recruit (1): C Lances
Pupil (1): C Anima

Cavalier: B Lances (B Swords, I am thinking of taking away swords from Cavaliers)
Knight: B Lances (B Axes, thinking of adding axes to Armor Knights on base)
Recruit (2): B Lances

Archer: B Bows
Mercenary: B Swords
Fighter: B Axes
Pirate: B Axes
Journeyman (2): B Axes

Thief: B Swords
Myrmidon: B Swords

Monk: B Light
Mage: B Anima
Pupil (2): B Anima
Shaman: B Dark
Priest: B Staves
Cleric: B Staves
Troubadour: B Staves

Pegasus Knight: B Lances
Wyvern Rider: B Lances

Paladin: A Swords, A Lances
Great Knight: A Lances, A Axes (A Swords, thinking of removing sword access for GK)
General: B Swords, A Lances, A Axes
Recruit (3): S Lances

Sniper: S Bows
Ranger: A Bows, B Swords
Hero: A Swords, B Axes
Warrior: A Axes, B Bows
Berserker: S Axes
Journeyman (3): S Axes

Rogue: A Swords (C Staves?)
Assassin: A Swords (B Bows?)
Swordmaster: S Swords

Bishop: S Light, S Staves
Sage: A Light, S Anima, B Staves
Mage Knight: A Anima, B Staves
Valkyrie: A Light, A Staves
Druid: B Anima, S Dark, C Staves
Summoner: A Dark, B Staves
Pupil (3): A Light, S Anima, A Dark

Falcoknight: A Lances, B Swords
Wyvern Knight: A Lances
Wyvern Lord: A Lances, B Axes (instead of swords)