Matt Custov's Spare Concepts

Alright, not sure if I put this in the right place, but whatever
As the name implies, I have a lot of ideas for concepts that I’m probably never going to use, and I’m going to allow you to use them. Without further ado, let us begin.

Concept 1
Alright, so this one is simple enough. Remember how you loved video games a child, and always though about how cool it would be if you WERE in one? Well this one makes that a reality. You, and all of your loved ones are trapped in the world of Fire Emblem, and can’t get out. This one feels like I’m ripping off FE online though

Concept 2
This one is a little complex. You’re a famed mercenary, traveling through whatever country on whatever continent, when you find a man in danger. You decide to help him, which leads him to help you in the future, being your tactician. To his will, you go to the nearest city, and start a guild, which is named whatever you decide.

Concept 3
Alright, so this is the last concept I have so far, and it’s the most complex. It revolves around a “my unit” character, who’s a knight to a kingdom, but due to common procedures in FE, you have to take the princess/prince, ditch the castle, and protect her instead of having a jeigan.

so literally every reskin with a mary sue ever made?

‘control a mercenary guild’; ie the gameplay of every mary sue reskin out there.

so, fe8 with the fe13 avatar?

That last concept sounds a lot like Shadow Dragon with FE12’s Avatar/Kris/MU, it’d be interesting to see it be done with the GBA assets.

@MattCustov, as much as we appreciate contributions to the forum, it doesn’t do you any favours copying and pasting a post from SF in addition to giving us your sloppy seconds for hack ideas. There isn’t actually much substance to what you have and you have no actual resources for anyone to use, only vague plot ideas and concepts. The users here generally already have their own ideas in that regard so… there’s not really much point to giving us what you’ve given.

The kinda of things we like much more are things like specific changes to gameplay mechanics e.g. stat calculations and tangible resources like sprites, battle animations, maps, etc. If you could be a bit more mindful of this in the future that would be ideal.