Martial Monk animation concept (And promotions)

Hi everyone. I’m working on a concept GBA animation for the Martial Monk Class from Engage, and it’s promotions

Martial Master (Left) and Martial Monk (Right) idle poses. Female variant
Palette based on the Vanilla Amelia Recruit animation

However, I’m not great with fully custom animations. This is all I’ve managed to make so far:

So I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out with these animations, or take over the project.


You may want to change the category to Creative.

The projects category is for hacks/fangames.
This thread is for an animation.
Graphical assets should be in creative and I’ve moved it there.

There are way too many frames already for such a simple movement. I recommend starting with key frames, then going back and making in between frames. There are lots of animation tutorials and tips on youtube that can help guide you along.