Mark Portraits

Anyone have some custom Mark (FE7) portraits? I’m hacking FE7 to where Mark while not playable has a portrait and some dialogue. I’m only rookie when it comes to making portraits and was wondering if anyone would be so kind to let me use theirs. With credit of course.

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This is the portrait I was using for a remake that is stalled so far, it’s not the best, hopefully someone could fix it, but here it is: Marc it works well and I want it to be used only for Mark from FE7, if anyone else uses it.

Tbh the tact only needs a hood considering in the cg images the one time you’d see their face they’re wearing one to hide it since it could be anyone or any gender really. So any free to use Hooded Sprite would work.

Yeah I was thinking something with brown hair and the hood covering their eyes. Similar to what Oreostyx made (unfortunately he hasn’t released it to the public).

The Bramimond mug is decent for this. You can’t see the eyes and it’d probably be pretty easy to splice some hair.

Denning’s works too. I’ve been experimenting with it.