[Mapping] My Bucket of Maps


Have you ever had the thought, ‘I love Fire Emblem maps that look nice! I should ask someone who has an awful taste in design if they have maps!’?

Well, now I cut out the middleman and will not require you, nor I, to engage in social interaction. My terribly, witty humor is my second-best talent, next to disappointing people.

Also, I have lots of maps that I am either using but don’t mind others using or created and now have no intention of using. All of these are free to use with credit, although I’d like to know if you use anything of mine.

All maps come loaded with tile changes, miscellaneous villages, and these all are loaded with the .tmx files. Because I understand how much of a hassle it can be.

Here’s the source for all of them.

Here is an edited Despair and Hope, a Defend map in Path of Radiance. The upper portion of the map may need the stairs cut in half due to height discrepancies when having upwards facing stairs, but that is the only change that would be forced. In my own project, many of the little curved areas cut into walls are cubbies that hobos use, and function as villages - you can replace them with basic walls when importing.

And here’s Izumo, or as I like to call it, The Fort Of Fuck Off And Stop Killing Niles You Overstatted Cunts. You can place up to six villagers in the middle holding cell and enemies can’t target them. Aesthetics are best with a chocolate-colored palette, although a basic palette can also work. It’s called Fort Dragonfall in the folder because I’m an idiot.

Do you hate your players having fun? Then make them re-enact parts of the Battle of Belhalla or the Yeid Massacre! The Arvis map took a ton of time for me to work on due to me attempting to get every piece of sand and grass accurate.

Unhappy Reunion from Fates. Unfortuantely, there isn’t a tileset ready for the water getting drained. As hilarious as that would be.

A layered special village I created for my Lagdou Ruins. Looks nice utilizing an underused tilesets, one of the Highlands tilesets from FE6.

Probably my best-looking map, if not only second to the next map. It took me ages to make this look even decently nice. A large map that can function as a defend or an assault map.

And lastly, a large map akin to Doors to Destiny, which would probably work well for a Lundgren-style scenario. Has just about everything I could put into it.


I think I’ll be using the last one. (called Special Map in the folder)

Oh, and that second map’s not Fort Dragonfall, that’s Izumo.

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Thank you for that catch. Corrected in the post, but it’ll remain messed up as a testament to my lack of intelligence when naming.

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