Map sprite help... again

I tried to add a mapsprite that’s 16x32, and whenever I go onto it, it freezes, and I can’t find out how to fix it

Please outline the steps you made in inserting the map sprite from start to finish, along with the accompanying addresses of all the graphics etc. and also the map sprite graphic

I useed the gba graphics editor, went to the female archer sprite location, replaced it with the sprite, and changed the map sprite in nightmare to 16x32, also it was the axe knight map sprite

Did you make sure that it’s compressed graphics when importing?

you’re not providing us with any useful information to help you. give us offsets that you used, screen shots of what you did and what map sprite you used would help too…

why would you winrar instead of 7zip
Try changing the “Another pointer” around, copying it from another 16x32 animation that works properly.

Wow… That worked, I’m confused because I tried that before and it didn’t work… Oh well, thanks

Sometimes you have to go through a few before it works right. Just one of those things.