Map palette request!

Hello im pretty unexperienced with map palettes and map tilesets in general but it would be nice if a fixed version of this fe8 tileset would be made, not only for me but also for others as the grass side and outdoors being properly colored. Not only for me but for other’s to also use. I’ll definitely credit you if you were to fix this thank you and sorry for using your time!

You have to choose between grass or water, as they share the same palette. I could help you if you don’t care about the water.

I don’t really care about the water.

Then you could just use the grass from the renais tileset
simple palette swap

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Change Palette 0 into: 1F026A566E31703F0E378F3AAC2A4E2AEB211133A9578A26092EC54545396C47

And Palette 3 into:

Use the clipboard function on FeBuilder’s palette section of ‘Tileset Palette’.