Map Contest: 2023! [Current Round: 19]

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Hello! Welcome back. :slight_smile:

Basic rules:
-Make a new map that adheres to the basic guidelines of the contest round(IE don’t just dig up an old one you made please)
-You can enter in either option for the round (or both so you choose)
-Do not use any tileset outside of the one provided (depends on the round requirements though)
-Don’t just use a computer-generated map (although I can’t always tell if anyone used one, but for the sake of the craft I guess don’t? It’d be pretty lame dude)
-PM your map submissions directly to @MISTER_MAPS
-Dr Pibb is not good for you. Have water with lemon instead. :lemon:

Feel free to use this topic to discuss ideas, ask questions, etc, but please refrain from actually posting a submission; I will be doing that in a voting topic once the due date is met.

Map Creator - One of the easiest to use programs for making maps. I believe the download includes all of the GBA tilesets right from the start
Tiled - Similar to the Map creator, most notable for it’s layer feature and can be utilized in ROM hacks easier due to the creation of map changes right in the same file.
Past Rounds:
None for this year!

Current Round: 19!!!
Theme: Rise to the Top! :arrow_double_up: :arrow_double_up: :arrow_double_up:

Those in the discord are aware of this dumb idea, but yes, tower maps are theme for this round.
Prompt 1: The map must have at least 4 height changes (not just up and down, but 4 up or 4 down). Castle and Fort tilesets are recommended for this.

Prompt 2:
You must have this formation somewhere in your map (the black tiles are free)

Due Date: Hmm… Feburary 3rd should be enough time.


question: can i use any other kind of custom tileset that’s not included in the vanilla ones from the GBA games? asking 'cause i might have some idea about filling up those black spaces.

so castle/fort tilesets are recommended, but not necessary? if it’s about the second case, i might try to do some unusual stuff, otherwise no problem.

Anything custom is allowed, yes.

Recommended because you can attempt to use whatever fegba-styled tileset, but it’s going to be very difficult to adhere to either requirement given most other tilesets do not have stairs nor have the tiles in the second prompt.

Hello! I was away for a bit, sorry about that.
We have three entries so far!

Moonlight Sanctuary Fenreir

JiroPaiPai-Map contest 19

About a week left for entries!


3 More!
2023 map

Clock ticks for all.


Surprise! 3 again… This is suspicious…
Map Contest 5



Last day to submit is February 3rd! (That’s tomorrow)


Sorry everyone
I was busy all day and unable to get to my computer, but the round concluded yesterday.
These three… three again… were submitted prior to the date though.
Update for a map

Also Map


And two new entries! Voting will commence shortly.