Map Animation Graphics

I’m looking to make a system for showing animations on the map to be used in events, during battle (when regular battle anims are off) and for AoE attacks that I recently made.

Here’s what I have so far:

Fireball (3 images used)

Healing sparkles (8 images)

Images are 64x64 pixels and use up to 16 colours, with the 0th colour as transparent.

If anyone would be willing to help prepare some animations, I want to put together a starter pack of these and maybe even try having them optionally move from point A to point B. I need either sprite sheets of animations fitted to be 64x64 for each frame, or a series of images all centered 64x64 that make an animation. Empty space in the sprite sheet is bad.

Thank you!

What animations are you actually looking for though (did I miss it in your post?)

Anything, really. Spells from jrpgs, attacks from pokemon, or just neat visual effects, for example. I’m just looking for some formatted sprites that people might want to display while attacking or as part of a cutscene. There are a lot of possibilities, and once I have an idea of the sort of graphics that people would like to display, I can try and figure out how to do that more efficiently or with various config options.

Right now my proof of concept just displays each image for the given frames at the map coord given. There are more complex things users may wish to do, but I don’t really know much about animations, so I’d love to hear some ideas and have some samples to work from.

Image source: Spell animation spritesheets |

Still looking for more. Formatting takes me a while since I don’t work with graphics much.