Mangs: What's Left

Mod edit: To prevent the conversation from spiralling, we are ending the conversation at “the video exists”. If you would like to view it and discuss it, you will need to find a different platform on which to do so.

Well, here we are. Full circle.

Mangs has reappeared and confirmed that he has been checking on messages. I feel it’s important to watch what he has to say, because there is a lot that can be gained from such insight.

With consideration to the major impact Mangs has had on the community, as well as a now-locked petition thread directed to him, it’s logical the next step is to share the update on his return, as well as discuss what’s going on now to see where the community stands.

I am personally optimistic, but I understand that it is incredibly reasonable to be wary before making any sudden moves, so it should be wise to collaborate and share opinions on the topic in a manner respectful to one another. Therefore, if you have any thoughts on the matter, please feel free to share them.


(zoi why are you talking like a mod, you’re not a mod)

i’d say something but mrgreen said everything i could’ve eloquently, mangs’ actions from now forward will speak louder than his words in the video lol


Because I want to make sure the initial post has a neutral tone.
I completely agree with your sentiment.

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bad take, let’s not