Mandela Effects in Fire Emblem?

A few weeks ago I was watching some FE6 challenge on Youtube. In one rough section of the challenge, the youtuber reccured to RNG burning, and then did your average “here’s how RNG works in Fire Emblem” explaining the 2RN mechanic.

I thought “but Binding Blade uses 1RN!”, so I started to write that comment, trying not to sound like a pretentious know-it-all (hard). But before I sent it, I wanted to confirm it. That’d be easy, right? Because everyone knows that FE6 is the only GBA game that uses 1RN, and that Blazing Sword was the first to implement 2RN

Nope. FE6 uses 2RN. I searched in FEWOD: 2RN. I looked at Serenes Forest: 2RN. I was flabberghasted.

I thought that you’d miss so often not only because the weapons had low hit, but also because the game used 1RN! I thought that the 100% miss glitch was due to the lone Random Number hitting 100! FE7 releasing in the west while implementing 2RN made so much sense! Everything made so much sense! But reality is different, and I’m not the same ever since.

So yeah, did you guys had a similar experience?


I can’t really think of anything I was mistaken about. Due to the FE community’s infamous toxicity, I made sure to double-check most claims made by those in the community. Fire Emblem, build an army, trust nobody. But I can hypothesize about possible Mandela Effects!

Some newbies to the series could think that FE1 released worldwide for the NES in 1990 and in a Final Fantasy situation we got the first, but most of the games after it were never localized. Nintendo really went all-in with convincing fake NES boxes, a fake Nintendo Power Issue and more. It even has game journalists giving it bad reviews and calling it “outdated” both in 1990s Japan and today! “What do you mean it’s on Switch only, I don’t see it on the E-Shop!”

The actual reality of its distribution really hurts, and if someone believed in this alternate history I would be reluctant to tell them the painful truth. It’s not something you need to know to master playing the games, like the 2RN thing.


I was positive that one of the old Kaga Fire Emblem games (I thought it was FE1 specifically) gave fliers an inherent +15 Avoid for being airborne and to compensate for their inability to use other terrain bonuses, but that is straight-up not a thing. In any game.


Not quite the mandala effect, but
Apparently, there is a longbow in Three Houses. I learned this on my 10th playthrough. I would have SWORN it wasn’t in the game.

If you told me that thing I’d buy it instantly. If not in FE1 then in Gaiden

There’s so many items in Three Houses that I didn’t use in all my three playthroughs… The lack of weapon icons made it so that it wasn’t that exciting to get a new one.

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Funnily-enough, Cipher Minerva’s personal Pegasus Knight class (not Sky Knight or any other flying class) in Fates does get an inherent +5 Crit, +10 Avoid, +10 Crit Avoid just for existing, but that is absolutely not what I was thinking of with that and I only learned about it when I tried to look into the +15 Avoid thing, haha

Well this is effectively how Alert Stance/Alert Stance+ work in Three Houses. Except fliers can dismount so they can stack it with terrain because uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh balance

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Oh huh, that’s a really funny coincidence, haha

What I was thinking was that they just got +15 Avoid all the time unconditionally just for being flying units, so not quite the same, but still

The chapter in FE7 where you fight Teodor is called “Ch. 19x pt 2”, not “Ch. 19xx”.

It’s generally the theory that “FE6 is 1RN” is so widespread because it’s the first game a lot of people played on an emulator back in the day, since there was no physical cartridge released overseas to play it on. When you play on an emulator and use things like states and rewind to undo your mistakes, you’ll notice the weird things like missing 90s or hitting 10s cropping up way more than you would notice them playing on a GBA (when you would’ve gotten hit by all those 70s you used emulator tools to dodge and your units wouldn’t be alive to get hit by the 10).

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FE1 actually makes it more clear that fliers don’t get terrain bonuses than any other game in the series. Every time a fight starts it says they’re on “sky” terrain with 0% avoid. I always wonder if new players even know about the flier terrain mechanics because I think it took me several games to realize.

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Does “Ephraim and Eirika get married in the Japanese version if they have an A support.” count as a Mandela effect?

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Glad to know I’m not the only one who feels the FE community can be a bit acidic.

Kaga forgive me for laughing at this.

As for the OP’s question: there better not be! Those Mandela ninjas have ruined enough things from my childhood. They would do well to leave gaming alone and just keep messing with things like breakfast cereals and boardgames.

This is not a mandela effect this is FE players fixing history.
pt 2 is so clunky.
for the record I thought it was called 19xx pt 2

I’m pretty sure one of the physical strategy guides (I think the Prima one?) calls it “19xx” rather than “19x pt. 2”, as well, for whatever that’s worth.

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