Making both routes Eirika Ephraim possible?

Hello i would like to know if it was possible to play both routes by inserting something or with a patch i took a look a bit in FEBUILDER but sorry for my lack of acknowledge on FEBUILDER but i couldn’t find anything unless by enable the skipping map and make the end event (Go to next chapter without world map) is there another way ?

If someone have the answer, i would gladly accept the help.

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Wondering the same. Like is there a way to be able to access all maps of both routes on the world map?

It should certainly be possible. But it sounds like a sizable amount of work, and I don’t think anyone has actually done it. Most people don’t care much for dealing with the fe8 world map. Febuilder lets you edit world map nodes and all that jazz. You could compare routes and try to create a unified route, somehow. Idk.

I don’t think it’s worth your time trying to do. I’d just keep things simple and use MNC2 to make the other route’s chapters become optional gaiden chapters. But also, I think you run into the issue of party members. Iirc, In Eirika’s route, she has more of the cast, but in Ephraim’s route, he has more instead. They can’t both have more units.

I recommend working on your own project instead, rather than trying to create the definitive fe8 reskin.

Regardless, I wish you luck with it all.

One thing I thought about was having the army force split and then ban those units from the others map.

Eirika’s crew could be Seth, Franz, Vanessa, Moulder, Joshua, Colm, Neimi

While Ephraim gets Kyle, Forde, Garcia, Ross, Natasha, and Gilliam

Then you would just have to choose who gets recruited where. (Like Cormag works better being recruited on Erika’s route and Gerick and Tehtys would join Ephraim while Ewan goes to Erika with Saleh).

After Johanna the routes merge again anyways.

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This sounds a lot like a fanfiction I read a while ago. The party splits were even similar in structure (except Franz going to Ephraim’s route).

Still, it’d be an interesting proposal, to see how both routes could play out in parallel simultaneously.

If I can suggest something, given that Sacred Stones only has one gaiden chapter, how about that the main lord traverses the world map, and after clearing his/her chapter the story to the other lord’s equivalent map as a gaiden chapter? Would that be plausible?

It is possible to go both routes.
You just need to adjust the worldmap event.
Depending on what you want to achieve, you may also need to write an ASM.

As a practical example, in the FE8J hack,
green patch, you can play both routes alternately.
kaitou patch also allows you to go to Carcino and then turn around and go to Grado.

Note: FE8J mod works often name their work “patch”.
This is not FEBuilderGBA patch, patch as the name of the work.


I reckon you good drop the World Map too if it was really necessary.

Have a few stock images of the Map locales that show up when the next chapter starts to exposition the regular “in between chapters” text.

Sorry if this topic is closed. I just started hacking myself and this was one thing I just attempted for personal use. Here’s one that someone else did [FE8] Sacred Stones - Route Fusion

If using Fe builder, there are 3 changes you have to make for a basic route fusion. Change the next nodes on the world map node editor, for Ephraim 1 and Eirika 1. Change the goto next chapter in the end event script of each chapter. Remove duplicate recruitment events.

It’s much easier if u just dictate which route to use as base, but u can also allow either route to be selected and do conditional events based on the game mode.

Besides these you’d wanna force split the party and edit the cutscenes for the chars on each route.